In reality there are several answers to this question about the travel consultant. However all can be summarized in 5 basic principles. Why should you entrust your vacation to a LOCAL travel consultant?

I believe you need a travel consultant / agent who is primarily a qualified professional.

The Internet is a formidable tool but it also has negative aspects. You will find a lot of information and you will probably also find what you need. But at what costs? The first and foremost is time.tailor made tours in Tuscany

Carmen Badiali

Endless sessions to scour the web just to get thin air in your hands. Things become even more complicated if you have something special in mind and a little out of the classic itineraries like a customized trip.

Do you want to know another difference between the internet and your LOCAL travel consultant?
Your travel consultant will contact you while the Internet will not do it !!

You need an agent to talk about your dreams and even your special needs, your likes and your whims during your holidays. The travel consultant is a good listener who will answers you with a quick and sincere feedback.
Thanks to technology, today we can manage conversations via skype, Whatsapp, hangout or facetime. I am always available for videoconferences or calls with any platform you want.

Everyone, when they think of a vacation, imagine it as a dream come true!
Often, however, all this remains only a desire and falls on cheaper solutions, both for the chronic lack of time to devote to planning, and for the many unexpected events hidden around the corner. Relying on a travel agent means entrusting your dream to a professional able to find the best solution. From the destination chosen, to accommodation, from excursions to do on the spot to the best place to have a drink.
So why settle for what the case offers, or worse, experience a nightmare experience, when there is someone ready to advise you and provide you with the best solution?

In addition to assisting you in booking your holiday, during your trip your personal travel consultant becomes a sort of guardian angel, ready to intervene in the event of misunderstandings, difficulties and unforeseen events that may occur.
In fact a travel consultant also follows the clients during their stay and is always available for any request.

It helps you stay away from false promotions. It should be added, however, that it is true that the use of a professional may at first sight seem more expensive than the do-it-yourself trip, but it is also true that in many cases “those who spend less, spend more”

In fact, unless you are an experienced traveler and organizer, it is not a strange idea to find yourself bogged down between unexpected and annoying expenses that can cost you much more than the same service offered by experts in the field. Strange to say: save by paying a little more? Yes, exactly! If every time you come home you find yourself spending much more than your budget, relying on an expert will ensure careful management of your resources. Now you’re wondering why your travel consultant will be so devoted to organizing and following up on your trip? Simple! I believe the best publicity comes from the public.

So sharing my passion for travel as well as being personally rewarding is also a form of economic investment. Mugello & Tuscany is a single-girl band but that doesn’t mean that I play all the instruments by myself. Quite the contrary! In recent years I have been fortunate to find excellent staff who help me implement and supervise all activities.

The first novelty of 2019 is the close collaboration of a solid agency on the Florentine territory, VANESSA VIAGGI, which besides being an excellent support allows us to expand all our offers with flights, trains, activities outside Tuscany and an excellent staff. The range of Mugello & Tuscany tours is for the moment mainly focused on what I like best: adventure / sports and food and wine trips

Who are my tours for? To anyone who wants to immerse themselves in genuine Tuscan hospitality and live an authentic experience without feeling like a tourist in a row !! Well, I can say that I was really lucky to have created a wonderful team that covers everything my customers will ever need!

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