Here is a good reason to visit the Mugello. In fact, “the most beautiful villages in Italy” club after Scarperia, now includes another small town of the Mugello. Its name is Palazzuolo Sul Senio right in the middle of the Appenine mountains. Perhaps not everyone knows that the most beautiful villages in Italy is in fact a club. It recognizes small Italian centres of particular artistic and historical interest. This club was established in March 2001. It aims at promoting and preserving small towns outside the main tourist circuits.

The merit is mainly of the citizens but also of the administration led by the mayor Cristian Menghetti. In fact, already four years ago the city council voted for the presentation of the candidacy to the Roman branch of the club. Only in July 2018 so a few weeks ago there was confirmation of the certification following a careful study visit.

The certification of the most beautiful villages in Italy takes place through a capillary evaluation of the historic centre of the town/village. The commission particularly liked the medieval centre, the usability of the river basin and its banks, the museums and the management of public spaces. The public green areas, private gardens, paved public streets, the widespread hotel, particular shops, roads and services offered to citizens were also important in the evaluation.

Naturally, the evaluation committee also gave precise indications of improvements to be made to make Palazzuolo even more appealing. Mayor Menghetti reiterated that these suggestions will be the first on the agenda for his administration. So here’s a good reason to visit the Mugello. From the summer of 2018, Palazzuolo Sul Senio therefore joins Scarperia in the special list of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The photos we have already inserted give an idea of how beautiful Palazzuolo Sul Senio is. Also, do not forget that the surrounding landscape is truly breathtaking. There are indeed very beautiful nature trails at almost 1000 metres of altitude. Palazzuolo boasts a beautiful museum of the Appenine mountains people along with many sporting and cultural events.

In particular, during the summer there are frequent antiques markets, festivals of local products and cultural events. Throughout the month of October, the chestnuts festival is held every weekend. In fact, Palazzuolo sul Senio together with Marradi is the town of the renown Marrone/chestunt IGP, famous for its unmistakable flavor.

 credits: press office town hall of Palazzuolo sul Senio Il Filo – Idee e Notizie dal Mugello – proloco Palazzuolo

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