I know Borgo San Lorenzo, king of Mugello very well. In fact I did high school here and I’ve been working here for 32 years. The name of King of Mugello does not seem to me exaggerated. Borgo S-L. has an enviable showcase of artistic jewels to show but it is still not enough. What strikes me about Borgo is the liveliness of its historical center. This liveliness manifests itself naturally through a network of people historically linked to associations and trades.

The Giotto theatre in Matteotti St. has carried out a noteworthy cultural activity since 1872. The Opera in Mugello can be said to have been born in Borgo San Lorenzo king of Mugello. The academy of the audacious/audaci who managed the fate of the theater, then brought the cinema and the famous masked parties during the carnival. Borgo has always been a richer and more bourgeois centre compared to the rest of Mugello. This has produced a middle class more accustomed to invest time and money in leisure and culture. The result is that if you walk around Borgo San Lorenzo king of Mugello at Christmas you have the impression of being right in a beautiful town.

The lights are evenly artistically arranged for all the streets of the centre. In Via Matteotti and Via Mazzini (Malacoda for the Borghigiani) a beautiful red carpet is always laid out. The shops are festively decorated and in the heart of the village few of them are closed. Borgo San Lorenzo King of Mugello, projects the idea of beauty, fun and welcoming care especially at Christmas.

Then tell me one thing. How come that in a town of 18.000 inhabitants there should be 8 or 9 gelaterias + a yogurt parlour? Not only that but it is almost always high quality ice creams. And the bars? They are of excellent quality with nothing to envy to those of Florence. The staff almost always dress in uniform and is always kind. Many baristas speak English and are welcoming to tourists. There are at least 7/8 excellent pastry bars that could eclipse far more important and populous centers. Not to speak about the quality of coffee and capuccino which is simply awesome.

What then is the reason for a specialist store in hiking shoes? Near Borgo San Lorenzo King of Mugello, there are interesting trekking routes in the Giogo-Casaglia park. But does this justify a shop like that? It is said that the inhabitants of Borgo are intelligent and prefer to spend € 10 more and get advice from an expert in the field. The average inhabitant of Borgo looks farther and does not immediately bite the calls of large retailers.

This is a direct experience that I bring you dear readers. A young friend of mine is a skilled car salesman of the Wolkswagen group in Borgo where he also lives. He tells me: “I’m not going to waste time and money on petrol to go to Decathlon or Nencini Sport near Florence.This is my town. I live here and I want to contribute to enhancing it. Also I would not even spare because I should spend at least € 10 in petrol and 2 hours minimum time to save maybe € 5 or € 10. I would not be interested even if I could save € 30 or € 40 because I have a perfect service in the Explora store.The owner is a fan of hiking and knows all the shoes he sells. On the other hand, at the sports megastore I have a generic salesman with maybe some smattering on the subject. ” See how people think here and you cannot certainly blame them, so even if the ice creams are of good quality there will be room for everyone.

All this to tell you that Borgo San Lorenzo king of Mugello is a really special town. Another case is a store that could only be found in the city. It is called “COSI’!” a concept shop still not widespread in Italy. We hear what it is from the owner and creator Elisabetta Montanari. ” COSI’ is an artistic and consulting laboratory. What pushed me to create it? First of all, my passion for everything that reminds of the past. The history, the taste, the effort, the use of things: hence the desire to recover things was born. Things that others put aside, do not appreciate, do not understand, recover and  restructure them and give them a new place “. See specific article on this experience

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