Our chef Cristian Borchi is the best guarantee for our special cooking classes in Mugello. In another article on this blog we introduced Cristian starting  from his initial resume. Now let’s talk about some of his subsequent professional developments.

Since the end of 1998, Cristian began to acquire roles of greater responsibility in the various restaurants where he worked. Golf Resort Poggio de ‘Medici in the beloved Mugello valley, 1 Michelin star Panacea del Bartolini di Fiesole, wine cellar Mario di Fiesole. In all these cases Cristian covers the highest levels of responsibility in the kitchen. So we get to 2001 with the opening of his own restaurant Antica porta di levante in Vicchio Mugello.

 In 2002 Cristian is already a licensed Sommelier. Thus he opens with some associates the wine cellar Amante di Dioniso in Vicchio Mugello. Being a sommelier is certainly an added value for our cooking courses in Mugello. It is not unusual that customers require a combination of important wines for the meals prepared with Cristian.

Cristian has learned to relate to genuine products since he was just a child. How? just by poking his nose in his parent’s fruit and vegetable store. Cristian says: “I was looking forward to going with my father to the markets to buy fruit and vegetables for our shop. I was enchanted by the negotiations on the products and by the care with which my father sought quality first. “

In the kitchen, the first example was that of my grandmother, a robust housewife from Bologna always engaged in cooking. A treat for her grandchildren or fresh pasta for some family event did not make any difference to her. Cristian recalls: “As a child, my grandmother put me on the table and gave me some desserts with which to play. The passion for cooking was born there on that table. Today I have the same enthusiasm as when I was a child. In fact, even in cooking classes in Mugello, I try to try new things, even if they respect the tradition. “

We leave you now with a short video of a truffle hunt followed by one of Cristian’s great cooking classes in Mugello

Discover some of our experiences with Chef Cristian:

SHOPPING AT LOCALS FARMS AND COOKING CLASS:  No better way to learn how to cook Italian than having cooking lessons with someone who knows the local food and winesChef Cristian will meet you in the morning and take you on a tour through local farms, local little shops and markets. All the activities will take place in the Mugello Valley for the best selection of fresh organic 0-zero km food. You will later use all the ingredients you’ve bought to prepare the most delicious Tuscan dishes.

MUGELLO FOOD&WINE SHORT BREAK: An unforgettable 3-day holiday in a beautiful farmhouse in the Mugello Valley. This is the perfect location to pursue your passion for Italian food and wine. At the same time you’ll have an opportunity to relax in a wonderful natural environment.

TUSCANY TUFFLE HUNT AND COOKING CLASS: Our Tuscany truffle hunt and cooking class is a wonderful 1-day private tour focused on tuscan truffle. You will start with an exciting truffle hunt, guided by a truffle expert and by the nose of his faithful dog. Once you have finished you’ll learn how to use truffle in the kitchen preparing a delicious 3-course lunch at an organic farm just a few km from Florence.


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