Our special cooking classes near Florence really sport top quality characters. The first in the list is certainly Mugello&Tuscany’s official chef Criatian Borchi. 

Cristian is the true soul of our special cooking classes near Florence. In this first article we will give some news about him starting from his curriculum. In the second article we will get more into his genesis as a chef. In the third article we will try to better understand his style of cooking. Finally, we will have him directly explain the secrets of  his special cooking classes near Florence. Readers will thus be able to better appreciate our special Mugello cooking classes near Florence.

Cristian has carried out a traditional path for a chef. In fact, he first graduated at a catering school in Florence. Then he started working in several restaurants both in Italy and abroad.

 As for working abroad, Cristian first worked in France at the Versailles-Villefranche hotel in Nice in 1996. In 1998, we find him at the Italian Café Napoli Clayton restaurant in St. Louis Missouri USA. In the same year he moved to Cincinnati Ohio USA at the Maisonnette restaurant. He closed his experience abroad as a chef at the La Bellavista restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Here, his job was to train the internal staff to cook Italian.

 It is here in Australia that Cristian understands that he has talent in communicating his gastronomic know-how. Here we can grasp the genesis of a successful culinary brand: special cooking classes near Florence. Cristian also begins to have prestigious experiences in starred hotels and restaurants in the Florentine area. To name but a few, the 5* Regency Hotel, 5* luxury Villa San Michele in Fiesole and Grand Hotel Firenze.

 For several years Cristian has also worked with training agencies for the inclusion of disadvantaged young people in the world of work. You have to look at these guys, sometimes very difficult, coming from very poor or disadvantaged social situations. Cristian’s Love for cooking always breaks in these young people. Several of them have also managed to find a job in the catering industry thanks to the stimuli received in Cristian’s lessons.

So we can well say that Cristian perfectly combines an endless passion for his craft and an innate ability to communicate it. That’s why our special cooking classes near Florence often combined with truffle hunting, are really so cool.

we leave you with this short video of a truffle hunting and cooking course with Cristian

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