There is a new creative furnishings shop in Mugello. It is an artistic and creative consulting workshop created by Manuela Montanari in Borgo San Lorenzo in November 2017. The name of this new shop / studio / workshop is simply “Così”. The English translation could be “just like that”.

Let’s directly hear Manuela Montanari on her idea of creative furnishings shop in Mugello. “What motivated you to create it?” “First of all my passion for everything that is the past, the history, the taste, and the use of things. Hence my desire to recover old things for a new use was born. These are the things that others abandon, do not appreciate, do not understand. I help customers to recover them and give them a new life “.

Entering “Così” creative furnishings shop in Mugello does not leave one indifferent. It’s a condensation of compositions of objects that recall the past. They are combined with great taste and inventiveness, to make them become furnishing objects, evocative and fascinating. “I created this show room to make people understand what can be done and how we can reuse spaces with the things we already have. I’m talking mainly about the re-use of objects, and not so much about reworking with particular techniques “.

Manuela does not even want to be an antique dealer. It is not his job. Manuela Montanari only puts old objects together, creating a painting, a creation that can give emotions. Entering “Cosi” we are immediately struck by “staging“, real emotional pictures assembled with the most different objects. Manuela says: “I sell objects and fittings, an assemblage of objects that create this sculpture, this painting. They then become corners, table compositions and special umbrella holders “.

So we recommend this creative furnishings shop in Mugello especially to those with a passion for change. Also suitable for those who love moving objects. Who loves listening to objects that speak, that give messages, that are part of your life. Certainly it is a niche shop, a particular shop / workshop, for particular customers. Already several farmhouse resorts in Mugello have turned to Manuela to make their farmhouses more attractive and communicative.

So who will spend the next holidays in Mugello will have a good chance of coming across the creations of “Così”.

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