Exceptional Mugello Vermouth comes from a historic area just outside Florence. Today it appears famous all over the world for its international racetrack. It is also one of the greenest and most attractive areas around Florence. The excellent cuisine has its strong point in the tortelli with potatoes in ragù, duck or wild boar sauce.

Then Lake Bilancino and the many historical attractions make this small corner of Tuscany one of the most popular destinations for trips out of Florence, as well as a tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. From today this area has one more reason to be visited. To the many beauties and specialties to be tasted there is now a brand new one to drink: Exceptional Mugello Vermouth.

The Exceptional Vermouth of Mugello, was born from the dream of a group of young entrepreneurs in the area. This idea materialised in the early months of 2019. The Mugello Vermouth is made from the fortification of a Vermentino wine produced in the area. To this was added pure alcohol and of refined distillation with which it reaches 15 °. But that’s not all, the Exceptional Mugello Vermouth is also built by infusing fifteen aromatic and medicinal herbs. They have been skillfully balanced so as to be well combined with sugar.

The Mugello Vermouth has a straw yellow color. On the nose you can immediately recognize the absinthe and tropical aromas, while the bitter taste hovers with chinato hints and liquorice. Among the ingredients, certainly the presence of saffron, cultivated directly in Mugello, is of some interest. Saffron from Mugello helps make the taste soft, balanced and pleasant. The long and decisive finish carries a slightly bitter gentian trail behind it.

In the classic version it should be served in a glass with ice cubes, completing it with an orange or pink grapefruit peel. Perfect after a meal in combination with sweets, biscuits and bitter chocolate. In mixing it does not lose its characteristics, perfect in a white Negroni, Hanky ​​Panky and Martinez. This video should provide hints to a good cocktail. Only imagine using the exceptional Mugello vermouth. With this Facebbok link you can find information on where to find the Mugello Vermouth in and out of Florence . We’d also like to help you visit the area and take you to drink this specialty.

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