Farm holidays near Florence are ideal for families with children. In Mugello there are several farmhouses suitable for farm holidays near Florence like that of Elena and Fabio. They have always loved life in the country. So when Fabio and Elena decided to put up their house, they wanted it in the open countryside in the mountains above Vicchio.

Unspoiled nature in the most beautiful Tuscan countryside ideal place for top farm holidays near Florence.

Here then comes the idea of the educational farm: “I really like being with the little ones – says Elena – so I took out my thesis on educational farms in Mugello, and almost for fun I did a test“. We immediately received many positive responses from both Italian and foreign schools and individuals

Children are offered a workshop on food such as honey, noodles, bread, oil and cheese. “We show them how to make bread starting from the ear of wheat up to the flour. Then we make bread together. In the second part of the day we visit the animals and the vegetable garden”.

In the vegetable garden, children collect vegetables, or sow or remove weeds.
Then they feed the animals, they caress them and embrace them. “Elena and Fabio cultivate everything in a strictly organic way.  It’s a matter of small organic products that are enough for the family and for some extra sales.

 Now Elena and Fabio’s idea has also turned into a small agritourism. There is restaurant activity, setting the table with the products of the farm, up to twelve customers. Meanwhile, this year the educational activity with the children has continued without interruption.

Those who love farm holidays near Florence do not stop at the first difficulties. This is demonstrated by this young couple who in the mountains of Vicchio have created a real oasis. A place of peace, relaxation and fun with natural and genuine products. A place where the young generations can learn about the beauty of quality agriculture.

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