This is a story that reminds of Sunday, of the special flavors that grandmas prepared for the special festivals. Not only, but before them their grandparents’ grandparents did that. We want to bring back to memory the good old Tuscan fresh pasta. Yes, because 150 years of history cover so many generations. They tell a long tradition that the Pastificio Monti has been able to ferry, from 1867 to the present.

1867 saw the official beginning of the Pastificio Monti activity. In that year, for the first time, it was enrolled in the Chamber of Commerce of Pistoia . However, it probably already existed beforehand, as Gianni Scognamiglio, current company director, tells us. “The tradition of homemade fresh pasta was not born in a day, it was something that belonged to the family. The family did it for themselves and maybe started to provide some shops nearby. The border between family and company, was once really thin: we lived and worked together. From there a family business was born which, over many years, has won people’s trust. Many in Tuscany have seen the popularity of this market leader grow. Then came 2006 ».

Then 2006 arrived, as the hub of a track, to change everything and, after all, not to change anything. A delicate year, in which the difficulties of the pasta factory put at risk the activity and the future of a historic brand. Randomness, fatality, stories and memories that cross each other. To change the negative course of events is a memory, that of Aldo Nassi. Many years before, as a child, he would go to the pasta factory every Sunday. In that artisan laboratory full of good perfumes he used to buy good old Tuscan fresh pasta for his family’s festivity lunches.

It was the 1930s and Sunday lunch was a tradition that was respected. This good old Tuscan fresh pasta of bygone times changed the course of things. After all, even behind business choices made of numbers, there is always a personal reason. There is a passion, a higher goal but still not enough. In this case we also need the will to save a wealth of centuries-old gastronomic experience. At the core of the project there is the good old Tuscan fresh pasta that has accompanied the history of a whole regional community.

Already owner of a company linked to the food sector, in 2006 Nassi took over from the Monti family. However, it decides to preserve not only the tradition of recipes and products, but also the brand. Behind that brand was the desire to transform a passion and a lot of experience into an economic activity. The new property gathered this age-old experience to continue the business and innovate it by adapting it to a different food age. But even in a new “era”, the good old Tuscan fresh pasta retains its charm.

The good old Tuscan fresh pasta will always be unbeatable together with the flavors of the past:  sincere and authentic. It is not always necessary to change everything, on the contrary: true innovators can keep what is valuable. This value is then cleverly adapted to the new requirements. Cuisine means culture and tradition not to be missed. This is even more true for the Tuscan one, which is among the most important in Italy. And it is the one that has been preserved, along with the name and the production which has remained totally internal. Not only that but also the recipes have been preserved and the cook, who every day guarantees that everything is done as it tradition requires “.

In assortment all year round at the coop sales points in Tuscany, cannelloni with ricotta and spinach with precooked pastry and tortellini with mignon with meat. At Christmas the assortment is enriched with swordfish agnolotti and ravioli with sea bass, available in the gourmet catalogue. We at Mugello and Tuscany take a special pride in organising mindblowing good old Tuscan fresh pasta cooking classes with or without truffle hunting 

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