The Park with the Medici Villa of Pratolino reopened to the public on Friday 5 April 2019. the Medicean Park of Pratolino, recognized as a World Heritage Site since 2013, presents important innovations.

Meanwhile, at the Medici Park in Pratolino, “Ruralia” returns permanently in May every year. It is a metropolitan kermesse of breeding, agriculture, hunting and environment activities. Ruralia sets in motion the collaboration of the main trade associations active in the area.

A major highlight of Ruralia 2019 was the presentation of local cattle and sheep breeds. Proposals for families and children will be activated. They will have a popular character and will concern ancient knowledge and trades.

In addition at the Medicean Park of Pratolino, there will be honey extraction workshops, cheese making and handmade pasta. And more: bread making and weaving and spinning of wool. Even in the future it will be possible in extraordinary ways to reach Montili, a point with a breathtaking view.

In the program of initiatives in the Park, guided tours of various types are planned. They are organized and offered by the Metropolitan City of Florence owner of the Unesco WHS venue. Here are some of the proposals, for which participation is free but reservations required: historical and artistic visits “Discovering the Medici Park of Pratolino”.

Still at the Medici Park of Pratolino there will be guided tours to discover landscapes between past and present. Sensory visits: observations of plant and animal species and search for water routes, an essential element of the Park. Visits to the “Theater and show in the Florence of the Medici” Exhibition at the Scuderie. Visits dramatized on the traces of seventeenth-century travelers; fantastic visits for children “In search of the enchanted garden”.

Every Sunday in July 2019 there was a highly appreciated performance by musical bands, with a final hit event on the last Sunday. The Villa Demidoff Medicean Park will remain open for 2019 until 27 October. Of course it will open up again to the public the following Spring of 2020.

For tourists who are already in Florence, reaching the Medicean Park of Pratolino is easy. Just take bus no. 25 in Piazza San Marco or regional buses from the Santa Maria Novella bus station or CAP terminal from Via Nazionale all direct to San Piero a Sieve or Scarperia. For those who already have a car, take Via Bolognese and reach the village of Pratolino. The historic Zocchi restaurant near the park entrance can be the ideal destination at the end of the visit. Try tortelli di patate del Mugello with truffles, duck or wildboard sauce.

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