In the previous blog we presented the exceptional event of the world adventure vacation conference. Today we talk about Mugello adventure holiday. We reiterate for a moment the scope of the event for the new readers of the blog. Every year, representatives of the adventure travel industry meet during the Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS). The aim is to talk about the affairs of the sector, get inspired and enjoy a decidedly adventurous destination.

Produced by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, the Summit is aimed at tour operators, writers and influencers of adventure travel, tourism agencies and industrial partners. More than just a conference, the Summit is a global gathering of an entire industry. It offers in-depth educational content and great presenters of the potential of the sector.

Within this container each of the members could choose some adventure activities in Tuscany. Mugello & Tuscany was chosen by the Tuscany Region to offer adventure holiday services in Tuscany during the Summit. Here is the team of members for the Mugello adventure holiday package. Caroline Australia, Laura UK, Nicola Canada, Shannon Canada, Dineke USA, Kirsten USA, Julie USA, Elin Iceland, Edmund South Africa. All these people are tour operators, bloggers, adventure travel journalists and tourism marketing experts.

From Montecatini, where the conference was held, Carmen accompanied the group by bus to the upper Mugello. The first stage of the Mugello adventure holiday was from the abbey of Moscheta to the Diacci refuge. Moscheta is a fantastic place for trekking in the Apennines. First of all Moscheta is the name of the Vallombrosa abbey founded by San Giovanni Gualberto in 1034. Today the complex houses an excellent restaurant, a hostel with several rooms, a riding school and a museum of the Apennine landscape. Moscheta is nestled in the woods and is an ideal place for walking or riding. Even in the hottest Summer here it is always fresh with the extra benefit of a nice brook to cool off.

Enrico an expert T-rafting guide, accompanied the group in the excursion. From Badia Moscheta the path winds along the CAI 713 path up to the La Serra Refuge at 1000 mt. Then hits the path connecting with the CA 00 near Acqua Buona and bivouac Capanna Marcone. From here trail CAI 743 to Mulino dei Diacci, the Abbraccio Falls and finally the Rifugio i Diacci.

The Rifugio Diacci is a very beautiful complex surrounded by a beech forest at 900 meters high. It is an ideal place to spend a few days of a relaxing and sporty holiday. At the shelter the group was welcomed by the manager Francesco and Virginia the young multi-lingual cook. The group settled in rustic rooms with chestnuts beams and rafters with terracotta floor and ceiling.

Virginia prepared a really succulent dinner explained in detail in perfect English. After all, good cooking is part of the adventure itself in a certain sense. Virginia prepared traditional Mugello tortelli stuffed with local potatoes in a meat sauce. Not only that but Virginia has doubled the first courses with delicious cream and mushrooms noodles. Both dishes were seasoned with beautiful parmesan cheese particularly appreciated by the guests.

As a second course Virginia has instead prepared excellent ficattole accompanied by Tuscan salami. Difficult to convince the daring adventurers to go further. Only a delicious Mugello adventure holiday cheesecake could win the most stubborn resistances of the ATWS guests. This is where Francesco comes into play with the final surprise worthy of the best Mugello adventure holiday. On the wonderful fire in the big fireplace of the main building Francesco put a large perforated pan.

The guests wondered about the nature of this tool. Let’s recall that we are in October, in the month of chestnuts and that Mugello is a paradise of the marrone buono IGP chestnut. Then the adventure resumed with a nice sbruciata with the 0 km chestnuts of Palazzuolo sul Senio (see picture above on the left). Just a little ‘time to tell some stories and share the impressions of the first day of the Mugello adventure holiday and then all in bed.

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