Mugello the land of the Medici family. That’s true but for the majority of us, Mugello is primarily a race track (Mugello Circuit), or at least an exit of the Autostrada del Sole (the main A1 motorway), a few kilometers from Florence.

But if we leave behind the roar of engines, we will open our eyes to another type of landscape. At every step it tells centuries of battles and human efforts. The video also talks of arts and crafts with an inevitable bent on the most influential family of the area: The Medici.

Besides being pivotal to all the burgeoning inspirational thrusts of the Renaissance, the Medici have left a heritage of 3 knock-out villas now Unesco’s world heritage sites.

In the Mugello Valley also lies Vicchio who gave birth to giant artists suc as Giotto and Fra’ Angelico.

Other important highlights of the video include the wonderful Museo Chini, the realm of liberty ceramics with its last descendant Vieri Chini. In fact the Mugello is also famous for its many creative artisans among which the knives makers of Scarperia and the manufacturers of sangiovese and Vin Santo stick out in this report.

A journey into a little known territory at the gates of Florence that wants to keep alive its traditions and even extend its appeal.

Could the Mugello become the next most genuine tourist bet not only in Tuscany but in the whole of Italy?

We hope that this video which was shown on a national Tv channel on 23rd March will inspire prospective guests to want to come to the Mugello and check out personally.

The video is in Italian but the images in most cases will speak by themselves. So don’t hesitate to watch it and also don’t hesitate to ask us anything concerning the Mugello.

Arts and crafts, history, cuisine and traditional recipes, excursions and activities etc.

We would be all too willing to help you find out your way into our land

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