It’s time for nice cool Summer holidays near Florence 2017. In the Florentine area we’ve already had in June peaks of almost 100F/37C unusual even for a Mediterranean country. All of July was well over 90F/32C with an occasional cooling respite due to a couple of midday brief thunderstorms.

Summer holidays near Florence could be a good choice even if that means facing the heat. With this article you’ll learn that there are many ways to defeat it.

Why choose the Mugello as a holiday destination in the Summer?

We are talking about what we know and the Mugello could be arguably the best place for a Summer holiday near Florence.
Well it is quite easy to tell. First of all it is very near Florence. Less than an hour’s drive if you take the Bolognese or Faentina road and only 30 minutes’ drive via A1 Motorway from Barberino di Mugello.
Here could be an even easier way to access the city by train from Borgo San Lorenzo or San Piero A Sieve. Taking the train will take away the stress of driving into a hectic metropolitan area and will leave you more time to enjoy the sights of this unforgettable city.

As for finding a remedy to the Summer Tuscan heat, there’s no other place like the Mugello.

As in other areas of Tuscany, the Mugello sports beautiful agriturismi (Have you ever heard about “Agriturismo”? If you haven’t, read my post about “Why Choose an Agritursimo in Tuscany for your Holiday) or holiday farmhouses, historical villas and mansions. They are all provided with nice pools which will make your splashing even funnier and more relaxing.

Agriturismo with waterfall swimmingpool near Florence. Mugello Valley

Besides there are  nice public open air swimming pools in Firenzuola, Borgo San Lorenzo, San Piero a Sieve and Ronta. They could be a good alternative if you want to swim and dive more. Only make sure you go on weekdays as on the weekend there might be too many people.

But this could be really little advice for your Summer holiday near Florence.

So whether you have already booked your vacation in Florence or if you’re going to have your next Summer holiday in the Mugello valley, bear in mind the following.

Bahia Cafè
Bahia Cafè

Lake Bilancino, is a large beautifully shaped 5-square-kilometer artificial lake, one of the largest in Italy.
It’s only a few minutes away from the Barberino del Mugello highway exit, in the heart of Mugello Valley.
It’s less than an hour’s drive just past the Medici Cafaggiolo Castle (Unesco Wolrd Heritage site since 2013). In the range of 10 km/6 miles there is a beautiful golf course and the Mugello Circuit, a world renowned racing track.
So if you are also a motor fan you can give a look at some smashing Mugello Circuit holiday packages for the international MotoGP 2018 (Check our proposal for Mugello Circuit).

At Lake Bilancino there is one beach establishment on the lake, the famous Bahia Cafè, offering a true beach service with sunbeds, deckchairs, umbrellas etc.

You can have lunch and dinner on a wonderful beach pergola and in the evenings there is usually music and dancing. There are several free spots for swimming and sunbathing around Lake Bilancino but as the beaches are pebble-beaches, rubber-sole foot-ware is recommended.

Various sports and outdoor activities can be enjoyed at Lake Bilancino: swimming, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, sup, fishing, as well as hikes, mountain bike rides, and bird-watching in the WWF nature reserve of Gabbianello.

If you prefer the river over the lake and swimming pools and beach establishments are not your thing, why not travel a few extra kilometers. The Santerno River is the place you need.

Santerno RiverIt is near the village of Firenzuola at about 100 minutes’ drive from Florence. The Santerno River can be reached by the Futa Pass or Giogo passes. The stretch of territory that begins at Firenzuola and runs along towards Imola, is dotted with natural pools, falls, and smooth white rocks. The area near Pieve di Camaggiore is especially suggestive, with its lovely stone bridge.
Badia di moscheta just a few kilometres from the Giogo pass, offers another beautiful alternative to the Summer heat.

Here you can relax in the beautiful fir and beech woods surrounding the ancient abbey. Besides you can bathe in the brook by the Moscheta Abbey. If you want to combine hiking and swimming, you can foollow the path to the Valle dell’Inferno. after about 3 KM you arrive at a wonderful natural pool.
At Badia di Moscheta you can have wonderful hiking tours, horse riding treks even in moonlight and enjoy wonderful Fiorentina steak.  Both Moscheta and the prized Osteria da Nandone near Giogo Pass offer great steaks. (The Telegraph UK, has included Osteria da Nandone in “The world’s best steak restaurants” Read the article).


Here below is a selection of offers for your Summer holidays near Florence

Summer it’s a real bonanza for relax, sport and beating the heat but it’s great also all year round. We organise everything from accommodation to equipment, extra activities like truffle hunting and fresh pasta cooking classes and transfers.

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