Unforgettable vacation “Under the Tuscan Sun”

The “Steak Festival” is the most important gastronomic event of the Summer in Cortona. The beautiful  town of Cortona is situated in southern Tuscany. Its origins date back to the Etruscans. The Etruscans were a pre-roman population of mysterious origin. Cortona and its countryside became famous worldwide thanks to the film adaptation of Frances Mayes’ 1996 memoir Under the Tuscan Sun a 2003 American romantic comedy. The steak festival is the peak of the Summer in Cortona. It is held every year at the Parterre Gardens in Cortona on 14 and 15 August. The “sagra della Bistecca” is meant to celebrate the Ferragosto with the good local cuisine. Watch the trailer of the film


In a gigantic 14-meter grid, the succulent steaks are prepared on burning charcoal of resinous wood. The Florentine steaks come rigorously from the autoctonous Chianina breed and cooked rare, as the ancient Tuscan tradition wants. These delicious steaks cannot but be accompanied by excellent Chianti DOC wine to cater to the taste of an ever more refined audience. here below a  50 sec video to get an idea of the steak festival in Cortona

But the Summer in Cortona in addition to the steak festival has a lot to offer to the tourist. First and foremost the Giostra dell’Archidado, which originated in the Middle Ages. Each year, in the town of Cortona, this historic event is recalled on the second Sunday of June, reviving the ancient medieval splendor. Inside the party an enthusiastic game for the conquest of the longed for “Verretta d’Oro”  by the various neighborhoods of the city.

Cortona also boasts almost 3000 years of  history dating back to the eighth century BC. This rich history is witnessed by a wonderful archaeological park and by a wonderful Etruscan museum. The city itself is an open-air museum with many views, palaces and churches of rare beauty. Cortona is truly the quintessence of Tuscan authenticity. Every corner of the town speaks to the visitor’s heart. What you see is not to increase tourism. It is the way in which centuries have shaped Cortona’s life.

Beautiful workshops of talented craftsmen beside exhibitions halls of painters and sculptors. Bars and cafes all with their genuine style imbued with an ancient and authentic Italian spell. Not a tourist show but a real life mesmerising event.  A true life spectacle to be enjoyed in all its nuances of relaxation, culture, cuisine and traditions.  watch this 4.37 min excellent video of Cortona. We suggest a dinner at the Osteria del teatro and a light lunch at Fett’unta. As a special treat for a refreshing Summer in Cortona try the craft beer at the Cortonese Brewery. It is near the Captain of the People’s Palace.

If you love antique trade of furniture, fittings and antique parafernalia, Cortona is the town for you. In fact, Cortona is the seat of the oldest antiques exhibition in Italy. For two weeks until the beginning of September, Cortona plunges in an atmosphere of other centuries. The event is called Cortonantiquaria and invites tourists and visitors from all over the world. However, even out of season, enthusiasts of antiques in general will find excellent bargains in Cortona.

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