Truffle hunting in Mugello has become the most important tourist activity of the valley. We at Mugello&Tuscany are particularly attentive to what happens in Mugello, especially in the food and wine field and tourism.

Indeed we have found a considerable interest in everything that goes around the truffle hunting in Mugello.

So we decided to present a new package that matched truffle hunting in Mugello and a great truffle-based lunch. Of course the other truffle packages remain valid. They are paired with a cooking course on fresh pasta held by our chef Cristian Borchi.

Getting back to the truffle hunting + lunch package in Mugello we want to emphasize the fact that the menu presented fully respects the local tradition. The products are organic and all local. All the other ingredients are genuine and inspired by the Tuscan tradition.

Truffle hunting in Mugello declines in the traditional varieties of the precious white, precious black, scorzone, uncinato and marzuolo. The truffle of Mugello is of excellent quality and is abundant throughout the year. The only exception is the precious black whose presence is still rather rare. The precious white truffle is the true protagonist of truffle hunting. It is in great demand and can reach very high prices.

Most of the white truffle “tartufaie” found in the Mugello basin are located along the watercourses. Along the streams a particular pedoclimatic environment is created, favorable to the development and fructification of the white truffle. (Tuber magnatum Pico). In fact, the balance that is established between plants, soil, water and climate is very important.

Truffle hunting lovers and truffle gouTuscan truffle hunt near Florencermets can sleep peacefully. In almost all the periods of the year it will be possible to find some examples of this wonderful product. So we just have to invite you to contact us to participate in the incredible activities offered by truffle hunting in Mugello.

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