To talk about a great adventure holiday near Florence we will focus this time on packrafting in Mugello. The Mugello valley is not only famous for the MotoGP circuit or the Apennine mountains. The Mugello is also an incredible mix of side valleys of the Sieve river, of water basins, of classic rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards. Not only that but in Mugello you can admire many apparently minor “secret” places. Among them the fascinating Bosco ai Frati and breathtaking views such as those of the Castello del Trebbio or the monastery of Monte Senario.

In the Mugello there is also Lake Bilancino, the largest artificial lake in Tuscany. With its solitary and wooded coast and its crystal clear waters is the “inland sea” of Tuscany. Lake Bilancino attracts many people during the summer season but enjoys a more relaxed and inviting touch during the mid and low season. Starting from this background, we want to talk about a new and enjoyable adventure holiday  near Florence. This is the packrafting between land and water in the heart of the Mugello.

The idea of Mugello & Tuscany in collaboration with its partners has given life to a new experience of adventure holiday near Florence. The track mixes the “Via degli Dei” (earth) and the crossing of Lake Bilancino (water) by packraft. What is a packraft? It is a small and light single canoe of less than 2 kg. It is fixed on the backpack during excursions and unfolded and inflated when crossing stretches of water. The track begins in Galliano, an ancient village whose foundation dates back to the Celts

Walking through fields and woods, you reach the WWF oasis of Gabbianello. From here on the packrafts will be inflated to cross Lake Bilancino from north to south. Once landed on the southern shore, the packarafts are quickly deflated and put back in the backpacks. Then you go up to reach the Trebbio Castle. This is the first of the Medici castles in Tuscany and together with the Castello di Cafaggiolo nearby, it is a UNESCO World heritage site since 2013. The ultimate goal will be the Canneto III farm, famous for its red Merlot wine, where you can enjoy a wonderful wine tasting.

A few words on the path of the Gods which is an integral part of the adventure holiday near Florence package. from Fiesole to Felsina (Bologna), the Etruscans crossed this path to develop their trade and extend their dominion over the Po Valley for at least four centuries (VII-IV century BC). It was then that the Romans, founding the colony of Bononia (Bologna in Latin) in 189 BC, felt the need to ensure a connection with Arezzo and Rome through the Apennines. Thus, along the Etruscan path, they built a real road. Even in the Middle Ages people kept on walking along this ancient trail considered the easiest way to cross the Apennines. Thus, the Roman pavement was replaced by a simple path, a sort of narrow mule track without paving, used only by travelers who needed to travel this road. Today the “Via degli Dei” has become one of the main tourist attractions of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. (source:

Details of the adventure holiday near Florence.

Location: Mugello Valley (Borroughs of San Piero a Sieve and Barberino del Mugello A1 motorway exit)

People:  2 – 6

Meals: wine tasting + light lunch 

Time of activity: whole year

Acftivities: Hiking + Packrafting.

Difficulty: Basic/medium

Who can take part: no particular physical requirements are necessary 


Qualified guides

Packrafts, paddles, life jacket

Full transfer service

Visit of a winery with wine tasting and light lunch 

backpack only on request

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