Adventure holidays in Tuscany between food, sport and nature is the perfect vacation concoction. Thus you can fully enjoy the potential of active holidays in Tuscany!

Also the ATTA has recently placed its attention on the potential of adventure holidays in Tuscany. The ATTA is known as the most important association in the world for the promotion of adventure holidays. Its acronyn stands for Adventure Travel Trade Association. ATTA is the most important global trade network supporting sustainable adventure travel markets worldwide. It does so through adventure travel news, research, events and networking  .

According to ATTA, Tuscany is definitely the ideal place for an active holiday or an adventure holiday. Nevertheless, Tuscany has been a world tourist destination for many years. Commonly it can best be imagined as a place of art, relaxation and food. Nothing to object to this because it is the world capital of the Renaissance, the genuineness of the products and the romance of an unparalleled iconic countryside. Yes Tuscany is a very important world tourist reference hub. However, at the same time it is also a paradise for adventure holiday makers. Doing outdoor activities during your adventure holidays in Tuscany is a new, fun and sustainable way to explore new beautiful areas of Tuscany.

One advantage of Adventure holidays in Tuscany is that thus you can discover breathtaking landscapes outside the traditional routes. Also you can come across food and wine products of less famous areas such as the tortelli, chestnuts and truffles of Mugello. I’d like to highlight here 2 important links that we will develop in future articles. These are two new proposals for adventure holidays in Tuscany: Tuscany crossover experience and a winter hiking coastal tour with the Armadillo gear.

An adventure holiday in Tuscany is really special. It combines everything that is already known of Tuscany with the unpredictability of a territory that has endless surprises in store.

Mugello & Tuscany’s proposals are mainly intended to discover the areas of Mugello and upper Mugello, northeast of Florence. However, there are excellent activities in other Tuscan locations both inland and on the coast. All adventure holidays in Tuscany and day trips are designed and accompanied by expert and qualified guides.
From easy cycling routes to trekking, to rafting and horseriding trips.  Truffle hunting sessions, tastings of local products and fresh pasta cooking classes also for some people may qualify as adventure. The selection of activities and holidays proposed by Mugello & Tuscany can be both relaxing and adrenaline-driven depending on the needs and bends of the customer.

Mugello & Tuscany means adventure holidays in Tuscany in a holistic way.  In fact, it tries to combine sports activities with accommodation in comfortable facilities of particular interest. Moreover, Mugello & Tuscany also aims to offer the customer a contact with local craftsmen and food and wine providers . For more information

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