“The Tuscan countryside has been built as a work of art by a refined people. The same people that in the Renaissance commissioned to its talented painters frescos and paintings. This is the main feature applied over the centuries in the design of fields and meadows, vineyards, olive groves and farm houses. It is incredible that these people have chiselled its rural landscapes as if they only worried about beauty.”

We want to take these words by the French historian H. Desplanques to begin our Blog article meant to explain the nature and origin of the  Agriturismo in Tuscany.
It may sound useless to some but we realized that a good number of tourists, especially those coming from non-European countries, don’t even know about the great opportunity of choosing  agritourismo holidays in Tuscany.

For this reason we’ll have to jump back in the past and understand the origin of the typical Tuscan farm house .  The “colonica” can now be seen almost everywhere finely restored. It is this kind of building that is increasingly used as a hosting venue for tourists.
Desplanques is telling us that the Tuscan countryside has been conceived and built as a work of art. The farm house is the pivotal feature of this beautiful work.
The casa colonica – farm house was born out of a specific system of cultivating the soil and dividing its yield whose name in Italian is Mezzadria. The mezzadria or sharecropping was born in the XII century and would survive unchanged until the early ‘60s. In that period the economic boom in Italy after WWII, pushed millions of people out of the countryside into the factories of the cities.

View from an Agriturismo in Tuscany
View from an Agriturismo in Tuscany

During the Middle Ages the feudal landowners decided to have some of their lands toiled by their serfs as an incentive.  They received back approximately half of the profit in natural produce. Hence the name mezzadria (mezzo in Italian means half).

After that in the 1600s the landowners wanted to give more stability to the system and started to build the farm houses that we see still today even though few can boast more than 300 years of age. They were rather large buildings mostly in the local stone. The farm houses were destined to host members of at least 3 generations: grandparents, children and grandchildren. On the ground floor there was usually a large room where milk cows and oxen were kept.
This economic and social system was typical of central Italy and especially of Tuscany.

The Tuscan countryside which has become famous all over the world wouldn’t exist without the sharecropping system. Within the emblems of the Tuscan countryside, cypresses are perhaps the most iconic. They were used by wealthy landowners and gentry to mark the roads leading to their villas. They were also used for their ancient religious meaning in proximity of churches, monasteries and cemeteries.

From the early 80s there has been a constant push towards the restoring of the old rural houses.  This refurbishing thrust was often in connection with an investment in tourism.

There are endless possibilities of enjoying an agriturismo in Tuscany: from a lavish rural “relais”, to the cosy informal room in a beautiful panoramic farmhouse on top of a hill.

Instead of eating at hotels restaurant, why why not eat here??
Instead of eating at anonymous halls of  hotels restaurant, why why not eat here??

Agriturismo holidays in Tuscany is something worth trying.

You’ll have a greater share of relax compared to a busy hotel and you’ll be directly in contact with the deep and long history of the territory.

All the agriturismo proposed by Mugello&Tuscany have been personally chosen by our staff. Besides we constantly collect the clients’ feedbacks in order to be able to offer a flawless service to our guests.

A Superior Suite in Luxury Agriturismo in the Mugello Valley

All our farm holiday venues in Tuscany are embedded in natural landscapes of great beauty. They have orchard plots and often vineyards and olive groves. All have a swimming pool in their premises.


Most agriturismo holidays in Tuscany are suitable for the whole family. However there are some varieties that are more romantic and perfect for a couple’s getaway.
Despite the quaint-sounding name, many agriturismo vacations are quite luxurious.


Instead of staying in the city, why not stay here??
Instead of staying in the city, why not stay here?

Florence is just at a stone’s throw and you can reach it by car in less than an hour. A train from Borgo San Lorenzo and San Piero a Sieve will take you to  Florence in just over 30 minutes.
The main entrance to the motorway in Barberino is about 25 km. from here you can take daily tours  to all the most beautiful towns in Tuscany (Pisa, Siena, Lucca, Arezzo, San Gimignano, Volterra etc). It’s also possible to see the Cinque Terre, Bologna, Ravenna, Modena, Ferrara,Verona, Padua and Venice.

During your stay at one of our venues you can also take part in the activities that we usually organise for our guests such as truffle hunting and cooking classes near Florence, pottery, spoken Italian, riding, hiking and MTB.

Agriturismo hiolidays in Tuscany is a truly unique experience. Here you can make the most of the beautiful countryside !

Have a look at our selected venues and just picture your next agriturismo holidays in Tuscany.








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