The best ice cream in Florence was from 14 to 17 September 2017 in Piazzale Michelangelo. This is at least in the European final of the “Ice Cream Festival” that was held in Florence. In this blog article we will not only talk about the ice cream festival of Florence of course. In fact, we want to be here to help those who want to know the ice-cream world better. We will then do some ice cream video-story followed by some advice to recognize the best ice cream. Finally we will recommend some ice cream parlors to taste the best ice cream in Florence. There will be other videos to introduce you to the world of Italian gelato.

The European ice cream festival has seen several preliminary stages. The first stage was in Florence from 21 to 25 April. Then Rome from 29 April to 1 May followed by Turin at the end of May and Milan early June 2017. The race moved to London from 16 to 18 June. Finally Warsaw in Poland June 23-25 and Hamburg in Germany July 28-30. As mentioned the last stage for the finals again in Florence.The best ice cream in Florence will also be Europe’s ice cream champion.


My First True Milk“, is the name of the winning flavour. It was made by Massimiliano Scotti of the Vigevano Vero Latte Ice Cream parlour who won the “gelato contest”.  This special flavour also won the Milan gelato festivalin early June 2017. My first true milk is made with milk, honey and rice. It is described by its creator as “a taste for authentic flavours of times gone by, those of my grandmother. You smell and taste fresh cow’s milk, the rice and the honey of my Lombardy. “

As promised let’s watch this interesting and entertaining video on the history of the ice cream.


Today throughout Italy there is a strong resumption of high quality artisan ice cream. However, the true artisan ice cream is not so widespread. In many cases it is semi-artisan ice cream. The law allows the use of the definition of hand made or artisan gelato in many cases. For example to those ice cream parlours that use  ice-cream powder bases and flavoured preparations. This isn’t exactly what you expect from the preparation of a handmade ice cream.

For the generic tourist perhaps it does not make a difference. However for Mugello & Tuscany blog readers, we want to give the best advice to become attentive and knowledgeable visitors. The truly handmade ice cream is produced with the discontinuous cutter or sometimes called churner. it may shortly stay in a freezer cabinet so it can store a little cold, before being placed on display.

This 2 min video to summarise the popularity of handmade gelato at the Carpigiani Gelato University

Without going too far into technical discourses, it should be said that the gelato can be screened by sight. Even from visual analysis alone, some ice cream parlours can be discarded in the center of Florence.

If we see those ice-cream mountains going out abundantly outside the exposed pans, something is wrong. Ice cream does not melt as if it were made with all the canons. This could be a symptom of a dose of hydrogenated vegetable fats which resist higher temperatures. Then the ice cream does not have to be too cold because it kills its taste.

The color must be natural. The problem of “assisted” colorings mainly concerns the taste of fruit. It should be kept in mind that in processing, the fruit naturally oxidises itself. Hence the vibrancy of color tends to flake with low temperatures. Bright yellow, pink shocking, bright green are to look suspicious because they are reinforced by dyes. Remember: Banana taste, if natural, is white, kiwi can’t be bright green .

So if we want to enjoy the best ice cream in Florence where do we have to go? If you are in Florence the best thing is to trust the “Gelaterie D’Italia” guide of Gambero Rosso. It assigns a maximum of 3 cones to 2 Florentine ice cream parlours. This is Carapina of Oberdan Square with summer foodtruck in Lungarno del Tempio and Gelateria della Passera near Palazzo Pitti. Also in Tuscany are reported with 3 cones Chiccheria in Grosseto, De’Coltelli of Pisa and Dondoli in San Gimignano.

Always in Florence, with two cones, the historic Vivoli ice cream parlour near Santa Croce Square. But the best ice cream in Florence can be also tasted in the following selected locations. Bondi in Via Nazionale, Gelateria La Carraia near the eponymous bridge, Gelateria Badiani near the stadium and gelateria Grom near the Duomo.
Now relax with our last video on selected tips for the best ice cream in Florence


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