An international summit on chestnuts and marroni in Tuscany was held in Marradi Mugello a few months ago. Experts and industry experts from many countries participated. Phytosanitary aspects related to insects and chestnut diseases were thoroughly discussed.

Then the aspects of quality and marketing of chestnuts and marroni in Tuscany were also taken into consideration. These general states on chestnut have also touched other aspects. These include: industrial and artisanal transformation, nutritional value and nutraceutical value of the fruit and research and innovation in Europe.

Our region is very attentive to the issues related to chestnuts and marroni in Tuscany. Suffice it to say that in Mugello we have five products with a certified designation of origin linked to chestnut cultivatio

but first of all Chestnut or Marrone?

In general we can say that the chestnut is the wild fruit of the chestnut tree, while the Marrone comes from cultivated trees. The plural of marrone is marroni

The chestnuts are also not very large, crushed on one side, with a strong skin and dark brown color, with a tasty pulp. The chestnuts are thicker (a thorny ball contains a maximum of 2 or 3 fruits) with a heart shape, peeled streaks of light brown color and sweet pulp.

That of Marradi is one of the varieties of Marrone del Mugello Igp, grown in the Tuscan area of Mugello in the province of Florence. This is in turn one of the subtypes of the Florentine Marrone family.  The marrone of Palazzuolo sul Senio belongs also to the Mugello area.
The precious marrone of Marradi has a medium-large size (maximum 80 fruits per kg). It also has ellipsoidal shape, a flat side face and the other convex. The pulp is white, crisp and with a pleasant taste, with a surface without wrinkles.

At any time of the year you can taste typical dishes made with chestnuts and Marroni.

However, if you really want to deepen your passion for these products, you must come to Marradi in October. There are trains every Sunday also from Florence via Borgo San Lorenzo which in 1 hour will take you comfortably to Marradi. Here you will be spoiled for choice of dishes and delicacies all based on the prized marrone

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