TripAdvisor has recently published the rankings of activities and adventures to do on vacation. Among them stands out the cooking class in Tuscany that precedes Berlin by bicycle. In fifth place the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, but exclusively, at dawn and away from the crowds. It seemed a really strong encouragement and endorsement for the work done by Mugello & Tuscany. Tripadvisor’s cooking class in Tuscany mainly concerns Chianti and Valdorcia, this is undeniable. However we think that the bet we have made for cooking classes in Mugello can bring positive results.

Tourists are increasingly looking for experiences that offer unique moments compared to more standard options. It is to ride the experiential tourism trend that TripAdvisor has rewarded the best international tours. The Travelers’ Choice Experiences includes 345 experiences. It also highlights the best ones, classifying them by country and category. Tuscany won first place in the world ranking.

The number one tourist activity in the world and winner of this first edition of Travelers’ Choice Experiences is a cooking class in Tuscany. At the top in a farmhouse immersed in the iconic Tuscan countryside. To determine its success are few ingredients: the freshness of products directly from the market, the Tuscan iconic hills and the beauty of Florence and Siena.
In second place is a tour of Berlin by bicycle, followed by a one-day guided tour of New York and the thrilling “climbing” to the top of the Harbor Bridge, from where you can admire the best possible version of the Sydney Bay. At the fifth position we find, instead, an exclusive breakfast at the Vatican with access to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel before the opening time to the public.

On the Italian level, the favorite experiences are visits to places close to the main destination of your trip. Six of the ten activities in the ranking provide, in fact, a move to get to places not accessible on foot.

Going back to the number one activity of the cooking class in Tuscany of which TripAdvisor speaks, one thing needs to be clarified. Mugello will certainly be competitive with other areas of Tuscany in a short while. The reasons for this trust are based on precise facts and not suppositions. Mugello is the kingdom of potato tortelli and many dishes made with chestnuts and chestnut flour. This is not found in any other area of Tuscany.

In Mugello the landscape is literally breathtaking with a very varied morphology of territory. It goes in fact from the plain of the lower part of the valley to the gentle hills of the half-coast to finish at the Apennine passes. These are actually great trampolines for delicious walks or real excursions on the ridges to over 1000 meters. Moreover, Mugello is starting a real wine revolution alternative to the ubiquitous Sangiovese of most Tuscany.

In fact, from year to year the wine-growing area increases with excellent pinot noir and merlot. In conclusion we believe we can say that those who want to do a cooking class in Tuscany often combined with truffle hunting and wine tasting can find in the Mugello Valley the ideal place. We invite you to see some of our proposals

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