Discover the craftsmanship in Mugello.

Barberino has always been renown for embroidery and sewing, whose passion has been handed over for 150 years.

That is how in 2013 the Knit Cafè group proposed to dress the entire old centre with Knitwear and create “A thread of …”, a colorful and extravagant event of Urban Knitting.

The last of these Urban Knitting events took place on Sunday, June 18th.  From dawn to sunset knitting, crochet and embroidery become absolute protagonists.

Urban furnishings such as street monuments, street signs, stairs, loggias and squares were covered with knitware. So locals and tourists alike are drawn to rediscover the corners of the town with a form of colorful and entertaining street art. For a day, Barberino di Mugello was
transformed into a completely different place, a fantasy town.

From tradition and craftsmanship to something more which stimulates the imagination.  something born not only by the skill of expert hands, but also by creativity. Something that will arouse sensations and feelings.

Craftsmanship in Mugello is not only embroidery, knitwear and crochet work. It also means a promising refinement of some handicrafts: leather goods, porcelain, glass, wrought iron and wood inlay.

All this abundance of creativity will find a natural point of exhibition in the upcoming event Villa Artisans. It will be held at Villa Pecori-Giraldi in Borgo San Lorenzo from 24 to 26 June 2017.

However, it is not possible to talk about craftsmanship in the Mugello without mentioning the most famous tradition of the area. It’s the creation of knives and cutting tools that is exclusively staged in Scarperia.

Scarperia is undoubtedly the most beautiful town in Mugello. Scarperia is mentioned in the special list of the 100 most beautiful small towns and villages of Italy.

It is well-known at national and international level for the Mugello Moto Grand Prix and for knife production.

There are at least 7 companies still operating in Scarperia with a vast worldwide clientele. Seeing the manufacture of a valuable knife from scratch is an experience you will not forget easily.

So whether you are spending a vacation in Florence or in a holiday farm in the Mugello, you cannot miss a visit to Scarperia. You can perhaps accompany it with a happy hour on the castle battlements. It is held at sunset after a visit of the old knife shop and the Cutting tools Museum.

For those really keen on history and art there is also the possibility of a visit to the castle tower which harbours one of Filippo Brunelleschi’s early clocks which honed him to the creative precision later shown at the masterly building of the dome of the cathedral of Florence.

Discover our tour in Scarperia

Guided visit of Scarperia: Entrance to the Vicari Castle;  Guided tour of the museum of knives and cutting tools;  Guided tour of the old knives-maker’s workshop with a practical demonstration;  Guided tour of the historical centre of Scarperia;  Visit of one or more modern knife shops and workshops. To book your guided visit to Scarperia CLICK HERE

Happy hour at sunset on the battlements of the Castle of Scarperia: Entrance to the Vicari Castle;  Visit of the museums;  Happy hour at sunset on the battlements of the castle with an exceptional round of tastings of most typical organic products (wine included) of the Mugello, personally selected by Slow Food Mugello. To book your aperitifi on the battlements of the Vicari Castle CLICK HERE

Photo – Credits by @ilfilo and @tuscanypeople

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