The “Diotto” in Scarperia can be considered one of the most interesting festivals in Mugello.  Scarperia in itself is well worth a visit as it is ranked among the most beautiful villages of Italy. See this video presentation of Scarperia the village of knives and cutting tools

The feast of the Diotto in Scarperia (1st – 8th September) is the king of festivals in Mugello and Tuscany north of Florence. It recalls the passage of power from a podestà or Vicario (a sort of Medieval mayor) to its successor. This tradition was in force at the castle of Scarperia (also called Palazzo dei Vicari) in late medieval times. The “Diotto” is perhaps less famous than other festivals in Tuscany. This is probably due to the fact that it is connected to the Mugello, an area which is still unknown to the larger public.

At the first shadows of the evening, the chiming spreads from the tall and elegant tower. The ancient gate of the palazzo dei Vicari opens.  A procession consisting of over a hundred characters in beautiful renaissance costumes gets out of the Castle.

The outgoing Vicario leads the ceremony. The procession passes between two wings of a huge crowd to meet the new dignitary. He will soon take his place in the government of the Vicariate on behalf of the town of Florence.

The re-enactment of this event now assumes the character of a real competition between the village quarters. The Field Master starts the five games, after which the Palio del Diotto will be assigned to the team with the highest score at the end of all the games. The Palio will be kept at the venue of the winning team. The next year a new Palio will be put into play.

Each compartment represents a Rione of this land and has its own color and its own banner. See this great short video introduction to the “Diotto”

The games are of agrarian origin.  they are the expression of the character of the people of Scarperia energetic and talented in craftsmanship and field work.

The score obtained in each game or competition is 4 points for the first team ranked, 3 for the second, 2 for the third and 1 for the fourth; The sum of the results obtained at the end of the lively contests will allow you to draw the final rankings and identify the winning team.

Since 1995, Scarperia has given birth to another event to revive and celebrate the memories of the past. This is the “Renaissance Days” meant to prepare for the big event of the Diotto.  During the Renaissance Days all the signs of modernity will be canceled from the town, in order to revive a traditional day of the sixteenth century in the old town. Watch this video on the Renaissance Days

No more, therefore, neon signs, road signs for cars, electric lighting. In the streets and squares you will find only wicker baskets makers, fire-eaters, ladies and bridesmaids busy cooking ancient recipes or embroidering a corset, weavers, charcoal makers etc.

All around and a rich handicraft market where the visitor can only shop if he is provided with the “new florin”, a reproduction of the ancient Florentine currency coined for the occasion. These festivals in Mugello in the village of Scarperia, provide a unique frame for your vacation near Florence. Remember that you have the whole day to continue your exploration of Tuscany and of Florence in particular. While if you just want to relax there’s always the pool by your agriturismo in Mugello ready to welcome you.

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