Mugello bread beer that is nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. From a physics postulate to an anti-waste philosophy that makes virtue of waste and regenerates it as a new product.

The principle of Mugello bread beer is that of the circular economy from the grain to the mug. The recipe is the one that brings the bread beer to the shelves of Unicoop Firenze. In fact, in each bottle there is half a slice of Mugello bread. Instead of unsold waste from the cooperative, it is used to produce breadcrumbs and beer. The final touch was the collaboration with Walter Lenzi patron of the Corzano brewery in Barberino di Mugello.

A quality bread beer

The reduction of malt (minus 30% substituted by bread) makes it less bitter and therefore pleasing to those who do not like the typical note of hops. On the other hand, it has a slightly acid and fresh taste, making it a light and delicate beer. Excellent for an aperitif or to accompany dishes that are not too demanding, such as cheeses with compotes or desserts.

Double wheat

At the origin of the Mugello bread beer is a fundamental network work. The collaboration between the Granaio dei Medici, the Consortium for the protection of bread from Mugello, Coldirettti and Unicoop Firenze. In 2018 together they brought the smart recovery chain into operation. The protagonist is the wheat grown in the Mugello Valley. Here two ovens turn it into the Pane del Mugello.

It is a product of the food chain that best represents the Mugello area. Beer was born from this bread. Until now, unsold bread was returned to suppliers and destined for destruction. Thanks to the project, it is returned to the production ovens. Here, it is partly transformed into rustic breadcrumbs and, in part, delivered to the Corzano brewery. At the brewery it partially replaces the malt provided by the recipe.

The taste of an idea

The result is a fairly light beer, with a fresh taste that intertwines with the strongest malt. This beer comes from an ancient recipe, with origins in ancient Babylon. However, it looks to the future because it rethinks the product within a new economic model. KM0, supply chain circular economies, reuse to reduce the environmental impact of production and waste in distribution and consumption.

These are virtuous words representthat keep an eye for quality, ecological urgencies and rational use of resources. From the surplus of bread, to breadcrumbs and then to beer. The jump required the transition to a circular economic vision. In the future it will be possible to translate it into other new experimental products. From the bread soup to the cake and the tartlets, with the aim of recovering as much as possible the panel of Mugello left on the shelves.

Showcasing Mugello

The Mugello bread project was started in 2005 with over 10 farms, 2 mills, 2 local bakeries. The role of the Granaio dei Medici association is fundamental, bringing together 35 local companies. The Corzano brewery of Barberino di Mugello was added for the transformation from bread into beer. The Corzano 1985 Brewery already produces excellent beer varieties such as the Corzanina, the Limousine and the San Isidro.

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