On September 23rd 2017 the 44th edition of the Mugello Marathon, the oldest in Italy and one of the oldest in the whole world, will start from Borgo San Lorenzo.

At Mugello & Tuscany we believe the Mugello Marathon could be a real chance to experience an authentic holiday in the Mugello Valley near Florence. Proximity to Florence, varied accommodation solutions, unique cuisine. As for the latter we can’t help mentioning the prized potato tortelli, truffle, chianina steak and IGP chestnuts.  On top of that its outstanding traditions and culture, make the Mugello the ideal place to spend a few days of vacation in connection with the Mugello Marathon.

It was the year 1972 and we were in full boom of running and jogging mania. New, healthy, practical. More and more people were experiencing this sports movement. Also the people of the Mugello Valley assembled in a sports clubs. They were involved every Sunday in races of various kilometers and different characteristics. But there was no marathon at all.

The only ones they could  live were as spectators. They were carried out by the national federations for the selection at the Olympic games or European championships. Restricted races of a few dozen elite athletes. But the desire to be protagonists on this fascinating distance was strong. Here how the Mugello Marathon the first  in Italy was born in 1974.

Watch this simple trailer of last year’s Mugello Marathon

Only 48 runners, real pioneers with great enthusiasm. Just think that the first edition started at 7.30 pm on September 21, 1974. Wonderful country roads by daylight, but very dark and dreadful at night. Yet nobody quit. Records say that the last runner arrived well past midnight. And on are the following: 1975 second edition, 205 participants, a real success. 1976 third edition: 502, a true boom.

And so on, more and more participants, always from far away from their backgrounds. Fourth, fifth edition, racers come from France, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland. The Mugello Marathon became international.

Over the years, many marathons were born throughout Italy, Europe and in the whole world. Towns, Cities and megacities explode in their organizational grandeur. Great business and huge advertising but our Mugello Marathon remains there.

Beautiful  and simple. Embedded in a wonderful landscape rife with the great history of the Medici family, with Giotto and Fra Angelico. A genuine Tuscan countryside setting  surrounded by beautiful monuments just a step away from the mythical Florence. We are a small community with a great Marathon. Watch the presentation of the 2017 track

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