Mugello sparkling wine has finally arrived. It’s “Primum” brut sparkling wine classic method. Primum is produced with Pinot Noir grapes set to “ventilated tree” mode. Primum has a density of 4500 stocks per hectare. Mugello sparkling wine comes from Cortevecchia farm of Sandro Bettini in San Piero a Sieve.

The place is in line with the Fortress of San Martino and Unesco’s Trebbio Castle. Here a constant mouth of wind can mitigate the typical humidity of the area. The terrain is of medium compactness, sometimes clayey, with a slight stony part.  It is a soil rich in organic substances that give great vigor to vineyards. Finally the Mugello has been proven as a land suitable for the first Mugello sparkling wine.

Bettini never believed that it was not possible to make high-class wines in Mugello. He realized that the explanation was in the type of grapes used in relation to the local microclimate. In the Chianti or around Siena, the temperature is about 5 degrees higher than in Mugello. It seemed only obvious to Bettini that western Mugello wasn’t suitable to Sangiovese vines. You could think of producing white and sparkling wines, or red wines, but not from Sangiovese grapes.

So in 2012 the new stocks of pinot noir were planted by hand with great love and hope.
With the precious help and trustworthy advice of experts, Bettini has created a particular vineyard of its kind.  It is without rows of sort, but with an innovative system unique in Mugello, the ventilated tree.

This method allows plants to develop freely within a ring that contains them during their development. An ideal system to ensure maximum sun exposure. It also gives the slightest constraint that, with rain, greatly facilitates the dissipation of moisture from the plant. This translates into less exposure to diseases and involves fewer treatments to be done.

In the case of Primum the result was really satisfying. Primum was presented at a dinner by invitation at the Convivio restaurant in Borgo San Lorenzo.

All the guests were amazed and satisfied.  Mugello sparkling wine well sustained the dishes, including the dessert, fully meeting the palate of the guests.

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