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If you look for wine tasting in Tuscany you’ll be spoilt by choice. Now this assumption has turned out to be even truer as the Mugello is adjusting its wine vocation. This is meant to include vines not traditional to this area. So be ready for some surprises when you come on holiday in the Mugello.

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Traditionally wine in Mugello was encompassed in its eastern quarters. Vicchio, Dicomano and Rufina municipalities own the brand of Chianti Rufina. Actually Cianti Rufina is one of the 8 different branches in which the Chianti region is usually divided.
The mistake in the past was to use the sangiovese vine also in the western part of the Mugello. Here the climate is rather different with lower temperatures and more frequent fog and rain.
In the last 15 years things have radically changed with the initial experimentation of different vines. Merlot, Rebo and Pinot noir (among the red wines) and Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Riesling, Traminer, Muller Thurgau and Petit Manseng (among the white wines).
There is certainly a sense of satisfaction and finally we believe that these wines are able to live up to your expectations along with the numerous other products for which Mugello is renowned.

Do you want to know more about the typical products of the Mugello?

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The meticulous choice of new vines or the recovery of old vineyards, the careful control of the grapes at every phase of growth, the scrupulous choice of the bunches, the work in the cellars and the aging in oak barrels under the strict direction of wine experts has made the production of pleasant, full bodied wines with intense fruity bouquets and a full harmonious aroma possible.


Discover with us 3 wineries from the Mugello near Florence:

Certainly one of the wineries which is worth mentioning is the Podere Fortuna which is situated 25 kilometers north of Florence in the heart of Tuscany among the beautiful hills of the Mugello valley. This part of the region forms a large natural amphitheater between the Sieve river and the foot of the Apennines that mark the border between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. Here mainly Pinot Noir is produced.
Podere Fortuna takes care of the vineyards following an environmentally friendly way with the goal to have perfect grapes every year but with a long term view. At Podere Fortuna it is believed that the great care of the vineyards is essential when working with such challenging vines and is the only way to maintain the finest quality of wines in different vintages.



In the territory of the eastern Mugello near the ruins of a 5th century bc Etruscan temple, lies the estate of Frascole overlooking the town of Dicomano. This is a family run farm which produces excellent Chianti Rufina DOC red wines and extra virgin olive oil. The farm has gone totally organic since 1998. Every effort aims at keeping the original flavours and tastes of the grapes. That’s why when you’ll sip Frascole’s wines you’ll make an authentic experience of this unspoilt piece of Tuscany. We warmly recommend tasting Frascole’s wonderful vinsanto.

For a top Mugello wine tasting you need to Go down the valdisieve valley. On the left before the town of Rufina, at the foot of the Apennines, lies the Selvapiana farm. Most of the vineyards are located next to the Villa which is also the centre of the winery. There are 2 main cellars at Selvapiana: the historic cellar and the new cellar. The latter is provided with all the newest technological devices for wine making. Selvapiana strictly follows organic rules and can give you a good insight into the Mugello wine tasting .



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