New life to Florence Baptistery with the restoration of external marbles lasted almost two years. In fact it ended in autumn 2015, on the eve of the visit of Pope Francis to Florence. Now another operation, just as monumental, is about to begin in the beautiful baptistery of San Giovanni.

To give new life to Florence Baptistery, cleaning the internal surfaces will result in the recovery of columns and mosaics. The Opera del Duomo is responsible for the conservation and enhancement of the Duomo complex and the annexed museum.

It is obvious that the restoration of internal surfaces takes place under the Opera del Duomo direction. The intervention is entering precisely in these days its most important phase. In fact it’s under way the preparation of large scaffoldings on the marble walls. A first step will consist of cleaning tests. Later, they will proceed to the actual restoration site, with an expected duration of about 15 months.
To make the operation necessary and no longer postponeable is the state of the marbles and other architectural points. As time passes, they are noticeably clouded due to the dirt and smoke deposits of candles. The restoration will also concern the evocative representation of the Zodiac on the floor. In fact this part of the floor has been consumed by centuries of trampling but will soon find its ancient splendor.

We warmly recommend that visitors to Florence get a special ticket for the Baptistery. Actually with a 15€ ticket one has several days to visit 5 great highlights. They are the new beautiful Opera del Duomo museum, The outstanding Brunelleschi’s Dome, The Baptistery,  the cathedral+crypt and Giotto’s bell tower.

Here are some further information about the 15 euro ticket. Please feel free to write us for supplementary information on how to get the best from your stay in Florence.

  • Valid for 6 days from the date selected for the visit on the calendar at the moment of the purchase
  • Usable for 48 hours from the first passage
  • One entry to each site
  • Direct access without going through the cashier queue
  • Entrance with printed ticket only; access will be permitted only for ticket holders
  • Mandatory booking to access the Dome
  • The booking for the Brunelleschi’s Dome cannot be modified. If you are unable to make the visit at reserved time the date of the visit, entrance to the monument will be lost.
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