New Year Holiday in Florence. If you’ve come to this page, most likely you are part of a group of people who have not yet decided what to do on New Year’s Eve.

We leave you to the story of Daniela and Patrick. This young Irish couple celebrated the New Year 2016 with a 3-night stay in Florence and visited Lucca and Viareggio.

This is to give you some suggestions and entice you to spend a few wonderful days of vacation in Tuscany.

Daniela and I chose Florence for our New Year’s Eve last year, plus a visit to Viareggio and Lucca. It was the best way to celebrate the new year.  I must say it was the best New Year’s Eve I’ve ever done. Just think only a few days before we did not know what to do!!!

We stayed in Florence at a 4**** Hotel a few steps away from the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore right in the city center. It was in one of the biggest streets, full of prestigious brands.

Christmas lights mixing up in a Medieval and renaissance ambience. Happy people everywhere … as if you are happy everybody around you seems happy. It was like being in a film really.

Florence is fantastic! 

From our lovely holiday lodgings, we could easily visit on foot the majestic cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, admire the Palazzo della Signoria, the Loggia dei Lanzi or stroll past the windows of the goldsmiths on Ponte Vecchio.

Wonderful atmosphere and always something new to see or find out, whether it was a monument or a dinner in a restaurant where we could enjoy food that, just thinking about it, makes me swoon … We did the countdown to the arrival of the new year at a nice restaurant in one of the minor plazas in the Medieval quarter. Then we walked to Piazza Pitti, for a final immersion in an ultimate Italian scene. A free pop concert with one of Italy’s leading pop bands. Not bad I can assure you.

Two days in Florence, and the last day to eat fish at the seaside Tuscan town of Viareggio. There we could walk along the seafront Liberty promenade and enjoy a beautiful day of sunshine. On the way back, stop at Lucca, a beautiful medieval citadel just right for tourists as it is almost all car-free. Unfortunately we only stayed here a couple of hours. Enough though to be enthralled by the architectural marvels of the past and the beautiful atmosphere created by the history of the place. 

Only 3 days …..but we left our hearts definitely! An ‘experience is not just recommended … it should be made compulsory for those loooking for beauty and meaning in life! And a promise .. we will return as soon as possible to Tuscany!

So .. why not book a New Year holiday in Florence or a vacation weekend in Florence or a short holiday in Tuscany? Well .. you know what to do .. 


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