Cookstock is one of the best  events of street food in Tuscany. The fourth edition has just ended in Pontassieve near Florence on Sunday, September 10, 2017. Even the first true rain for more than 3 months hasn’t been able to slow down this enogastronomic kermesse of street food in Tuscany. From the name itself Cookstock wants to openly remind of woodstoock the great rock rally of the 1960s. In other words Cookstock is the Woodstock of street food in Tuscany with a very keen musical outline.

Watch this 1 minute trailer of the first edition when the name was foodstock


To better celebrate street food in Tuscany, every square in the center of Pontassieve got a musical denomination. Vittorio Emanuele square is ‘Rock FOOD’ with the confirmation of the best street food foodtrucks with flavors and tastes from all over Italy and the Ruffino wine cellar. Boetani square is ‘Blues FOOD’ with the products that bring us back to the origins of the most genuine tradition, with local restaurants.

The square of Martyrs is ‘Soul FOOD’, the “place of the soul“, with cooking lessons and sensory food and wine routes. Ruffino square is ‘Pop FOOD’ with the pizza area, a traditional, classic and popular dish.  Like every year, at Cookstock, Ruffino has proposed the initiative “Wineries always open“.  Tours to discover a company that has been producing wine for over 150 years. An excellent local wine that comes to tables around the world.

A group of actors accompanied the guided tour to the plant and cellars. The actors entertained visitors by telling stories with wine as its main protagonist. In the evocative “Bottaia di Bacco” of the historic villa was the showcase of another event. A guided free tasting of the best Ruffino wines was offered to everybody. No prior booking necessary.

Here’s another short trailer of last year’s edition

In San Francesco (Pelago), instead, the music merges with sport.  Verdi Square thus became  “live FOOD” with over 90 street basketball matches and the stage for live concerts.

Music has in fact been the true trait d’union of the whole Kermesse with live stage performances  in the squares. Cookstock has confirmed a perfect blend of food, wine and music . Each year this gives color and makes Cookstock unique and original in the street food in Tuscany agenda.

The event has been enriched this year with a new space that exalts the products of excellence. They respect the tradition and guarantee the genuineness that only the most attentive producers can give back.This is the philosophy of the “Cookstock ingredients” market.

The protagonists of this space could not but be the raw materials of the best Tuscan tradition. Genuine and high quality items closely linked to their production area. On top of that stands, stalls and foodtrucks of the Tuscan Slow Food movement.

To better appreciate street food in Tuscany, we offer you 2 excellent accommodations

 Agriturism with waterfall pool           Mugello Country Resort

and 4 unforgettable activities to continue to live the spirit of Cookstock at all times of the year

 Food & Wine shortbreak near Florence
Saffron Tour
Truffle Hunt & cooking Class
Shopping at local farms and cooking class
Wine tasting Mugello

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