In Mugello after the MotGP at the eponymous racetrack, the Summer at Lake Bilancino begins. Impossible not to think of the Bahia Cafe when it comes to summer at Lake Bilancino .

The Bahia is a waterfront cafè right on Lake Bilancino at a stone’s throw from Florence. Here you can do practically everything that a salt water bathing facility usually offers. In fact, already in the early morning it is possible to lie in the sun in a comfortable beach bed. Of course you can’t miss the sun umbrella later in the day. Maybe a good cocktail in hand will make your lazy moments more memorable. Then a nice swim in the cool waters of the lake with a dive from the dock. Not bad to spend a nice Summer at Lake Bilancino .

But this is only the beginning of the summer at Lake Bilancino. Bahia Cafè gives the possibility to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with fresh and tasty local products. The dinner in particular acquires truly heavenly nuances thanks to the colors of the sunset on the lake.

In the Summer at Lake Bilancino there are plenty of opportunities for play and movement for young and old. Around the Bahia is located in a beach volleyball / beach tennis court, foosball and table tennis. You can also rent 1 and 2 seater canoes, pedal boats and Sup. On Saturday afternoons, for the whole summer, magic and cabaret shows are scheduled for children.

When the sun sets, turning the lake into a palette of warm colors, it is the hour of the aperitif, which includes a table service with a tasty plate of freshly prepared tapas.

Of course this would not be enough if there were no Tuscan cuisine worthy of the name. Afterwards, in fact, there is nothing better than an excellent dinner prepared by the two new chefs. They will offer refined dishes, first-rate ingredients and special tastes selected by the staff. At Bahia Cafè you can also order Pizzas which are really tasty. They are made with long-leavened native flours served on an elegant wooden platter.

After dinner Bahia Cafè further embellishes the Summer at Lake Bilancino and music becomes the protagonist. Every Monday Jazz night, karaoke Tuesday, on Wednesdays cocktails will be the protagonists of the Radio Mugello live broadcast , Thursday is rock, Friday and Saturday DJ space with house and pop music while Sunday will be the evening ” instruments and vinyls ” in which the DJs will meet with the musicians for a truly innovative session that will also include an orchestra.

Special day for Ferragosto (Mid-August feast) where it will be possible to spend the evening on the beach. After a splendid dinner, also consumed on the shore, you can enjoy the spectacle of the fireworks that are reflected in the magical waters of the lake. Also watch this video about Lake Bilancino

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