We are finally happy to say that, despite the health emergency, we will be able to return soon to visit neighboring and distant countries !!

Recently, both the Italian national tourism agency and Dario Franceschini, minister for cultural heritage and tourism, have confirmed this prospect. The possibility of spending sustainable holidays in Mugello will therefore remain intact.

In many cultures, the crisis is also an opportunity. This difficult situation could help us to favour and encourage a new form of tourism. A conscious tourism, less impacting from the ecological point of view and that overcomes the distortions of mass tourism. All operators will have to commit more than before to give a new design push to the tourism sector. In this way we will be able to start even more energetically, without forgetting the need to make it safe and sustainable.

Tourism is sustainable when it takes into consideration the environmental and socio-economic impact of presences in a given territory. From now on, making it such is and will be a necessity to meet the needs of customers, the environment and host communities.

And it is precisely a sustainable and slow tourism what  Mugello & Tuscany have always wanted to offer through its authentic experiences.


Now more than ever we realize how fundamental it is to operate in the area by enhancing every aspect. From nature to culture, to people, to small family-run companies, to products trying to promote tourism outside the mass circuits.
In our idea of ​​a tourist offer, culture, relaxation, physical activity and cuisine are not independent watertight compartments. They go hand in hand with the choice of means of transport, places to stay, food, experiences and itineraries.

Of course, all with a view to sustainability and environmental respect.

think sustainable

For some time now, you have been able to identify sustainable paths and experiences on our website thanks to the icon of a leaf. this is a symbol of the small gesture of our commitment to protect the environment and the local community.

Especially in the current moment of uncertainty and mistrust of sociality, Mugello presents itself as the ideal place to spend an unforgettable holiday.


The Mugello is a practically virgin territory for tourism, on the outskirts of Florence and bordering on Emilia Romagna.
There are many picturesque residences scattered in a beautiful and varied territory, changing colors and different shapes, from the plain, to the hill to the mountain.
Florence can also be reached by train or bus from all the villages in the valley.
The food and wine experiences we offer focus on local products and on the territory, such as truffle hunting and cooking classes.
There is the possibility to practice many water sports thanks to Lake Bilancino . It is also the ideal area for horse riding, cycling and trekking on the Apennine ridges.

 Here are some of the top highlights of sustainable holidays in Mugello:

  • They improve exercise and reduce stress
  • They are ideal for families, friends, couples
  • They save money compared to the more crowded destinations
  • They offer the possibility of combining different experiences
  • They favor cultural exchange
  • they respect the environment and put little stress on the local communities
  • They protect the local historical and artistic heritage
  • They conserve the natural resources of the area
  • Economically they favor many small local businesses
  • They create positive and synergistic energy

We continue to work for today and for the future to contribute, in our small way, to building a better world.

We look forward to seeing you soon to let you discover the Mugello!

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