Finally the real bread of Mugello arrives. It is a home bread, the one of times gone by,  a good bread that remains tasty even after a few days.

The real bread of Mugello is the fruit of a fruitful synergy between various actors in the agri-food industry. There are in fact 8 farms, 2 old stone mills and 2 historic bakeries in Mugello.

It all starts with careful care in the preparation of the land. Then we move on to the choice of the wheat to be sown according to the criteria of integrated agriculture. This method of cultivation provides for the coordinated and rational use of all the elements of production. In this way it is possible to minimize the use of “non-natural” substances and fertilizers.

The good wheat of the Mugello is then transformed into high quality flour. The wheat is strictly stone-milled, obtaining flour type “2”, rich in wheat germ, fibers, and minerals and oozing an unmistakable taste.

The Molino Foralossi is located in Coniale, in the municipality of Firenzuola in the upper Mgello. However, it is not enough, and so comes in the ancient Molino Parri, the largest in Tuscany. Finally comes the baking, operated by two Mugello companies of consolidated experience: Faini from Luco Mugello and Conti of San Piero a Sieve.

The real bread of Mugello is produced in 2 kg forms using daily freshly brewed yeast . The method is natural leavening with baking in a wood oven, as it was used in the Tuscan countryside until a few decades ago.  The true bread of the Mugello requires a processing with longer times, both for the maturation of the dough and for the final leavening. However, the difference in the fragrance, in the perfume and in the consistency makes all the difference

The real bread of Mugello is a typical product of a guaranteed supply chain.  it can already be found in several supermarkets and can make your visit to Tuscany even more pleasant and worthwhile.

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