First of all a little explanation. What is a tortello and what are tortelli? This is simple: the first is singular and the latter is plural. As for its definition you may want to check what the Mugello tourist office says. Don’t forget to get back to me though after that as I have important news to tell you about the tortello Mugello.

The Tortello Mugello starts from the wheat fields of this wonderful valley. The flour costs less and less and it would be impossible to keep the crops if it were not for local projects.  these bring together those who work the land, those who transform the raw materials and those who sell the finished product.

If this happens within a few kilometers, we can also talk about a guaranteed short supply chain. The Mugello flour takes different paths. For example, a success storry has been the introduction of the Pane del Mugello Granaio Dei Medici. Literally translated would be the bread of the Mugello of the Medici’s wheat belt. In the past Florence turned to the Chianti for wine and to the Mugello for wheat and flour.

The Mugello was the barn of the Medici in fact. So this consortium is aiming at making the name of the Mugello great again when it comes to wheat byproducts. In this case a virtuous circle has been triggered. This is based on alimentary properties and tradition with the recovery of seeds of native ancient grains.

However, the last frontier of flavors is precisely the Tortello Mugello. It is here that other local productions meet, such as eggs, extra-virgin olive oil and fresh potatoes. These are also the essential ingredients of the tortello Mugello. In addition it is added Grana Padano dop cheese, parsley, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

To tell the recent history of the Tortello Mugello it is necessary to enter the “La Fiorita” pasta factory in Rufina. The pasta factory is part of a team born this year thanks to the collaboration of Coldiretti. Here we are at the essential name of this team with a food and wine record: Il Granaio De ‘Medici. This consortium unites 20 local companies, thus enhancing local production and craftmanship.

Unicoop Firenze has given an essential outlet by bringing its Granaio dei Medici branded products to its stores. The Granaio Dei Medici kicked off with flour, cheese and bread. The addition of the Tortello Mugello has made the offer even richer. Tourists who find themselves shopping in the Florentine area can look for Granaio dei Medici products in coop supermarkets

 The tortello Mugello is the most recent but perhaps most significant entry. In fact there are many brands that produce tortelli Mugello but none of it is worth the quality of the Granaio Dei Medici brand. Above all we like to emphasize the artisan quality of making these tortelli. (see video above)

The recipes of the Tortello Mugello are many and if you go to different restaurants of Mugello you will find tortelli also coming in different shapes. The Granaio dei Medici consortium even asked for the help of the Italian Academy of Cuisine to define an official recipe. The secret, however, is mainly in unflagging craftsmanship as the worker explains in the video.

Paolo Parrini, ceo of “La Fiorita” pasta factory, (also a consortium member) explains how best to taste the Tortello Mugello. “Our tortello Mugello Granaio dei Medici, has a lot of stuffing. We say about 65% of the total. The pasta therefore reaches only 35%. It follows that cooking is very fast 2 maximum 3 minutes according to taste. So to better appreciate the flavor of the filling you just need a little extra virgin olive oil and some nice grated Parmesan or Grana cheese. “ Good appetite to all readers.

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