Luxurious XVIII century B&B villa

Friday 30th October I took an early leave from my current second job near Vicchio Mugello to take a nice ride through western Mugello in search of attractive snapshots of landscapes and town life cameos useful for a blog article or just to be posted as tourist packages attachments concerning things to do in Mugello near Florence

My first intention was to get to the Mugello Circuit in Scarperia for some extra pics and impressions on the Ferrari challenge grand prix staging at the eponymous track at the beginning of November.

Actually as soon as I approached the circuit my attention was caught by an imposing villa overlooking the racing track. I immediately thought of how nasty it must have been for the noise.

Then reconsidered the matter thinking of how handy it would be to the track if you’re are involved in any racing event and with jewel town of Scarperia just 2km away let alone the view of the Apennines from the hill where this luxurious XVIII century B&B villa sits.

Next stop, the elegant entrance to the Ferrari-owned circuit with its iconic giant helmet conciergerie. On the background the usual collection of garage audio paraphernalia. Lots of riders testing for the 7th edition of the Mugello motorbike endurance race.

Not many people know that you can actually get the time of your life inside the track with rides with your own motorbike or by hiring one there.

Palazzo dei Vicari
Palazzo dei Vicari

However, getting on track for the first time can conceal pitfalls. That’s why you can take part in “PROMO SCHOOL” courses to help tackle the track in total safety. Not only that, there’s also a state-of-the-art go-kart racing track also available to 10-year-olds. Last but not least you can have your own flirt with a true Ferrari behemoth directly on track. 

As we’ve come to talk about Ferrari,  the nearest great event soon will certainly be the world Ferrari challenge from 5th to 8th 2015 November with a final Ferrari show on Sunday featuring formula 1 Ferrari star drivers Vettel and Raikkonen.

By the time I left the entrance to the Mugello circuit I realised that the recent life saving changes common to all EU countries had shrunk daylight by a meaningful precious amount.  So when I got to Scarperia’s main square by 5 o’clock the first glimpse of the Palazzo de’ Vicari was of greyish dusk-tinged pigment. So I thought that to enhance its lure I had to post-edit the pic directly via smartphone gimmicks.

I got inside the castle/palace. It’s called palazzo dei or de’ Vicari but has the features of a real castle. It was certainly inspired by Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. That’s where I’d like to take you in one of the next instalments. I wanted to take some more pics and here I had to further boost light with the use of flash.

on the way back I found a notice on one of the billboards in front of the town library.  It was a Proloco (local association for the tourist promotion of the town of Scarperia)  notice. There would be a pinot noir wine tasting the following afternoon with wines coming to 4 wineries of Mugello . That’s really one of the things to do in Mugello near Florence

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