We’ve already posted an article on this blog about truffle hunting around Florence. In that case we first presented the Mugello as a truffle land. We then went a bit in the general description of the truffle and its main varieties. Finally, we referred to the main markets and festivals of white truffle in Tuscany. In this post we want to concentrate mainly on the dogs used for truffle hunting around Florence.

What are the main traits of truffle dogs?

 For truffles, Italian law requires the compulsory use of a dog trained for the purpose without specifying the breed. In practice, every truffle hunter can do what he thinks best. Mauro and Alessandro our truffle hunting around Florence experts often stunned us about it. In fact for them even a sheep could in theory be launched for truffle hunting. It would be enough to have a particular predisposition to the training of that animal.

 Perhaps it is their exaggeration but it makes us realise that there are more chances in this field. Pigs have the best smell for truffle hunting around Florence and beyond. In fact, before 1985, it was not uncommon to see truffle hunters with pigs on a leash. It was almost always young sows for a simple natural reason. In fact, the smell of truffles is very similar to that of the male pig sex hormones.

Today, nobody can do without a good dog trained to accompany the truffle hunter in search of the precious tuber. On the dog breed as we said, however, there is open discussion. We came to realise though that this is a typical  “de gustibus” issue. Therefore we won’t risk prescribing this or that solution in dog terms.

Let’s briefly summarize the ideal features according to our experts in truffle hunting around Florence. The ideal truffle dog must have a smell developed directly for truffles only. The dog must concentrate only on truffle hunting, be relilient and disinterested in game. Lastly, maximum obedience and a calm character are required. On this point, the pigs were far less reliable and less manageable because they are more governed by instinct. In a next article on this blog, we propose to go into more detail about choosing the best dog for truffle hunting around Florence and Tuscany.

Look at this short video with the presence of springer spaniel Stella and lagotto Luna.  It might also be interesting to visit the tour package chosen by will and Jenna  protagonists of the video. We also prepared a new truffle hunting around Florence package. We combined it with an exceptional truffle and fresh pasta cooking class which is worth checking out

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