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Tuscany, a region celebrated for its rolling hills, exquisite cuisine, and rich history, harbors a secret beneath its fertile soil—truffles, nature’s hidden gems. Truffle hunting in Tuscany, especially in the verdant Mugello area, offers an authentic Italian adventure unlike any other. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the allure of “Tuscan Gold” with Mugello&Tuscany, your gateway to the best truffle hunt experiences in Italy.


The Magic of Truffle Hunting in Tuscany

Tuscany’s diverse landscape is a truffle hunter’s paradise, thriving with a variety of truffles year-round. These elusive treasures, sought after by chefs and gourmands worldwide, grow in harmony with the region’s oak, hazelnut, pine, poplar and other truffle-spawning trees, creating a scavenger hunt guided by nature itself.

Why Choose Mugello&Tuscany for Your Truffle Adventure?

Mugello&Tuscany stands apart from traditional travel advisors, offering a truffle hunting experience that’s personal, immersive, and deeply rooted in local tradition. With us, you’re not just a tourist; you’re a friend we’re eagerly introducing to the wonders of our homeland. Our expert truffle hunters, equipped with years of experience and their faithful dogs, are ready to share the secrets of the Tuscan forest with you.

The Truffle Hunting Experience with Mugello&Tuscany

Our truffle hunting journey begins with a warm welcome and a brief introduction to the world of truffles. Accompanied by a professional truffle hunter and a specially trained dog, you’ll explore a private truffle grove, learning to identify the symbiotic relationship between truffles and their host trees. This hands-on adventure not only promises the thrill of the hunt but also insights into selecting the perfect truffle, from its aroma to its texture.


What Makes Our Truffle Hunts Unique?

Mugello&Tuscany’s truffle hunts near Florence are more than a search for Tuscan Gold; they’re a doorway to experiencing local traditions, language, and hospitality. Our excursions are tailored to foster a genuine connection with the land and its people, ensuring you leave with not just truffles but also memories and knowledge that enrich your understanding of Tuscany.



Savoring the Experience: Beyond Truffle Hunting

The adventure doesn’t end with the hunt. We invite you to join us for a welcome coffee, a moment to relax and share stories with fellow enthusiasts and locals alike. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the Tuscan way of life, embracing the local culture and hospitality that make this region so enchanting.

How to Prepare for Your Truffle Hunt

To make the most of your truffle hunting experience, we recommend wearing comfortable, outdoor-friendly clothing and shoes suitable for walking in the woods. However when the ground is wet Mugello&Tuscany is provided with a wide variety of rubber boots in different sizes which a freely offered to their clients. Be prepared for a journey through nature, with the Tuscan sun overhead and the earth’s treasures beneath your feet.

FAQs About Truffle Hunting in Tuscany

When is the best time for truffle hunting in Tuscany? Truffle seasons vary, but fortunately, Tuscany’s climate allows for hunting almost year-round.

What types of truffles can I find? Depending on the season, you might discover a variety of black truffles including scorzone, Marzuolo truffle or even the rare white truffles.

How do I book a truffle hunting experience? Visit Mugello&Tuscany’s website to find the perfect truffle hunting adventure for you.



Truffle hunting in Tuscany with Mugello&Tuscany offers more than just a chance to find the coveted Tuscan Gold. It’s an invitation to step into the heart of Tuscany, to learn, laugh, and live like a local. Our unique approach, rooted in friendship and a deep love for our land, guarantees an experience that’s authentic, memorable, and utterly enchanting. Join us, and discover the magic of Tuscany through one of its most precious treasures.

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