In Tuscany there are more than 3200 truffle collectors.

The Mugello does its part because it is a land where truffles are really good in normal weather conditions.

Certainly the warm and long summer of 2017 has had a negative impact on truffles. Nonetheless, our truffle hunting near Florence has always been good.

In fact, even between October and November, our customers could enjoy the excitement of excellent finds.

We are of course talking about the fine white truffle that our secret truffle grounds of excellence in Mugello never fail to provide.

Take a look at the reviews of our Facebook page. You will notice the quality of our truffle hunting near Florence packages.

Like other parts of Tuscany, the Mugello also has a rich variety of truffles. The collection covers mainly the white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico), the most valuable and sought-after. There are also other species spread widely in the regional territory. Marzuolo truffle (Tuber borchii Vitt.), Scorzone truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) cropped uncinato truffle (Tuber uncinatum Chatin), prized black truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vitt.) and winter black truffle (Tuber brumale Vitt.). The precious black truffle is the rarest to be found in Mugello but for other varieties there is only the embarrassment of choice.

One of our guests made this nice video about a recent truflle hunting and cooking class in the Mugello Valley

What is truffle?

Truffle is a mushroom that grows underground, near trees or shrubs with which they live in symbiosis. They mutually exchange certain nutrients indispensable for their own lives. There are over 25 species of truffles in Italy, but only a few are edible and can be traded.

Where can the truffle be found?

truffle hunting tour near FlorenceThe presence of the truffle is linked to that of commonly used arboreal and shrub species in Tuscany. We are talking about oaks, poplars, willows, limes, pines, firs, birches, hazelnuts, ash trees and linden. They can be of spontaneous growth in the forests, as isolated plants or aligned in a specific layout.

Each truffle however has a specific growth environment and generally the most valuable truffles are also the rarest. In Tuscany, for the variety of environments, you can find all kinds of edible truffles, from those precious to the so-called “minors”. Truffles are harvested with the help of the specially trained dog. We will devote another blog post to the role of the dog in Truffle hunting near Florence.

When can truffle be found?

Each species matures in a specific period of the year:

– the white truffle in Autumn;

– in Winter the prized black truffle and the winter black brumale truffle;

– in Winter and in Spring the marzuolo truffle;

– in Summer and Autumn the scorzone truffle and the cropped uncinato truffle;

Fresh truffles can be stored for a short period of time (one or two weeks at most) for example wrapped one by one in porous paper (to be replaced at certain intervals) and placed in a refrigerator in hermetic glass jars.

How to taste Truffle

truffle is one of the best condiments/seasonings you can have in the kitchen. It is advisable to use it fresh when it is at the stage of full ripening as it expresses its best quality. Each species of truffle is endowed with a distinctive aroma that lends itself to precise culinary uses.

How much does the truffle cost?

The prices of fresh truffle may vary greatly from year to year due to seasonal production trends. In general, this depends essentially on climatic factors such as rainfall, summer temperatures, and so on. They are able to determine price fluctuations even during the same production season. On the national and international markets truffles that are most important are the precious ones, for which, as a rule, demand exceeds the availability of the product.

In recent years, however, lesser prized species such as marzuolo, scorzone and uncinato also of some relevance in local markets. For guidance on the seasonal trend of prices, it may be useful to consult various websites. They are dedicated to the main regional truffle markets and updated on a weekly bases. Some of these also offer the option to buy the product directly via the internet.

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MARKET EXIBITION “IL VILLAGGIO DEL TARTUFO” Loc. Ponte Presale, Sestino last week in September
MARKET EXIBITION “TARTUFI D’ETRURIA” Arezzo 1st weekend in  October
TRUFFLE FESTIVAL  (food and drink kermesse) Loc. Svolta del Podere, Badia Tedalda 2nd week in October till mid November –


WHITE&BLACK TRUFFLE MARKET EXIBITION Barberino di Mugello truffle hunting near Florence last week-end in october
TRUFFLE AND CHESTNUTS MARKET EXIBITION Montaione last week-end in October
TRUFFLE AND LOCALS FOODS MARKET EXIBITION Scarperia 1st and 2nd week-end in November
MUGELLO WHITE TRUFFLE MARKET EXIBITION Borgo San Lorenzo 3rd week-end in November
TRUFFLE MARKET&EXIBITION Montespertoli 3rd week-end in November


WHITE TRUFFLE FESTIVAL Loc. Corazzano, San Miniato 1st Sunday in October
WHITE TRUFFLE FESTIVAL Loc. Balconevisi, San Miniato 3rd Sunday in October
VAL DI CECINA WHITE TRUFFLE FESTIVAL AND FOOD FESTIVAL Volterra last week-end in October and 1st week-end in November
WHITE TRUFFLE FESTIVAL OF SAN MINIATO HILLS San Miniato 2nd, 3rd and 4th week-end in November


WHITE TRUFFLE FESTIVAL CRETE SENESI San Giovanni d’Asso 2nd and 3rd week-end in November

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