Tuscany autumn olive oil vacation is a hymn to the olive tree and to extra virgin olive oil. The olive tree is a spectacular plant, with a very great importance, both in terms of food, landscape and more .. a millennial plant, in the true sense of the word, since the longest specimens olive plants can touch more than 1000 years of age, and age-old because her relationship with mankind is lost in the mists of time.

Symbol of sacredness and importance for the Romans, a symbol of peace for the Jewish Christians, this Mediterranean plant is one of the many works of art that nature has to offer. Tuscany autumn symphony olive oil tastings as a wonder of nature it is almost natural to try to describe it in words, as famous poets have done. Enjoy this poem by Pablo Neruda


Near the murmuring

 In the grain fields, of the waves

 Of wind in the oat-stalks

 The olive tree

 With its silver-covered mass

 Severe in its lines

 In its twisted

 Heart in the earth:

 The graceful



 By the hands

 Which made

 The dove

 And the oceanic






 Of nature

 And there


 The dry

 Olive Groves



 The blue sky with cicadas

 And the hard earth



 The prodigy

 The perfect


 Of the olives


 With their constellations, the foliage

 Then later,

 The bowls,

 The miracle,

 The olive oil.

 I love

 The homelands of olive oil

 The olive groves

 Of Chacabuco, in Chile

 In the morning

 Feathers of platinum

 Forests of them

 Against the wrinkled

 Mountain ranges.

 In Anacapri, up above,

 Over the light of the Italian sea

 Is the despair of olive trees

 And on the map of Europe


 A black basketfull of olives

 Dusted off by orange blossoms

 As if by a sea breeze

 Olive oil,

 The internal supreme

 Condition for the cooking pot

 Pedestal for game birds

 Heavenly key to mayonaise

 Smoothe and tasty

 Over the lettuce

 And supernatural in the hell

 Of the king mackerals like archbishops

 Our chorus



 Powerful smoothness

 You sing:

 You are the Spanish


 There are syllables of olive oil

 There are words

 Useful and rich-smelling

 Like your fragrant material

 It’s not only wine that sings

 Olive oil sings too

 It lives in us with its ripe light

 And among the good things of the earth

 I set apart

 Olive oil,

 Your ever-flowing peace, your green essence

 Your heaped-up treasure which descends

 In streams from the olive tree.

Pablo Neruda (1971) Translated by Jodey Bateman


Ok, this poem was to move a bit the minds 🙂 now some supplementary information  … 2016 is shaping up a year of gold for the collection of the olive oil in Tuscany. And it is in autumn that the olive harvest begins.

Mugello&Tuscany offers the chance to witness the entire production cycle, from harvesting to tasting, which will be accompanied by other fantastic local products, such as bread baked in traditional ovens using wood, homemade salami and cheeses completing all perhaps with a wonderful wine as an IGP Chianti Rufina or a prize pinot from the western Mugello.

In the months of October, November and December Mugello&Tuscany offer Tuscany autumn olive oil vacation packages. They consit of weekends or 3-4 days of relaxation, allowing our guests to immerse themselves in the world of extra-virgin olive oil and of traditonal products from Tuscany.

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