Toscana Promotion of Tourism and Fondazione Sistema Toscana present a campaign declined in different print and digital formats. It is a video and a radio spot, to invite Tuscans, Italians and foreign tourists to spend their holidays in this region. The title is also that of this blog: “Tuscany never ending Renaissance“.

The goal of the project is to spread a reassuring and inviting message. “Tuscany never ending Renaissance” is for families, couples and groups of friends. It thus intends to respond to their desire for peace in safety for the summer of 2020. The challenge is to lay the foundations for an institutional communication of the destination free from stereotypes. A communication that is more representative of the breadth and uniqueness of its tourist and entertainment offer. A new way of communicating that lasts over time. The countryside condenses what Tuscany represents in the collective imagination: Tuscany never ending Renaissance.

Like all dark moments in the history of humanity, Covid has brought with it an opportunity: to rethink our values ​​and the balance on which our lives are founded. Each of us has rediscovered the value of the individual. Our way of feeling has undergone a profound change: we want to be architects of our destiny and aware of what really matters. We have learned to feel once again the center and measure of all things. We have rediscovered the concept of time, space and, above all else, of Nature. There are incredible similarities between this newfound humanism and the exceptional cultural renewal experienced in Italy between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. We are experiencing a new Renaissance.

The holiday is by definition a moment of rebirth and regeneration. After more than 500 years, the motherland of the Renaissance continues to nourish souls and invigorate the senses, through all its riches. Tuscany never ending Renaissance. The campaign format is based on titles that evoke intense and rarefied sensations. These are the feelings that each of us can experience in Tuscany. The style of the titles is dreamy, poetic and often resorts to the rhetorical figure of synaesthesia; that is, the combination of two words that belong to different sensory spheres.

In this way the narrative leaves the logic and enters the suggestion, the imaginative and, precisely, the sensoriality. Some examples of the language used in the campaign:

Feeling master of time and space
Discover the greatness of the possible everywhere
Catch whispers of the future

So far the institutional campaign to relaunch tourism in Tuscany. What can we at Mugello & Tuscany add? Certainly several specific emphases of Mugello. First of all, the all-encompassing dimension of expanded and almost cosmic nature. Mugello is in fact a great stage of nature. Here more than anywhere else you can taste the genuine values ​​of the Tuscan tradition. Our packages are driven by this desire. Every detail is taken care of to offer the best of the area for our guests.

We do not manage this activity remotely even if we use the tools of modern technology. We are really on site 24 hours a day to realise with you the dream of Tuscany never ending Renaissance.  At this stage we want to emphasize the possibility of having the exclusive use of several villas that are ideal for a safe family vacation. From here you can proceed to discover the territory through various activities that we have in our portfolio since the beginning.

Tourists can take advantage of the well-deserved reputation of the Mugello as a bicycle paradise. They can choose to climb the Apennine passes or pedal along regional or state roads in the valley. Those who love mountain biking are just spoiled by choice. In fact, there are hundreds of kilometers of trails in the parks of Giogo Casaglia or the Casentino forests. In summer, Lake Bilancino is a real blessing for cooling off and doing various water sports. Trekking enthusiasts can take various stretches of famous paths. These are the Via degli Dei and the Via della Lana e della Seta. Not to mention horseback riding on the Apennine ridges and Kayaking along the Sieve river.

From the food and wine side, Mugello has nothing to envy even to the most noble territories. In fact, there are many award-winning trattorias for the Florentine steak and for the simple and quality everyday food. We at Mugello & Tuscany make food and wine one of the strong point of our entire offer.

Few people know that Mugello is making itself known for its growing quality wine production. Not only the traditional Chianti in the Sangiovese-based Rufina variety. Our hills are in fact becoming populated mainly with Merlot and Pinot Noir. Our wine tastings are therefore rich and varied. Our cooking classes enhance the king of local dishes, the potato tortello and are taught by professional chefs. Usually the cooking class goes well with truffle hunting. Mugello is in fact one of the 6 areas of Tuscany officially recognized as a land of truffles. Visit our best packages and book a holiday with Mugello & Tuscany. info@mugello-tuscany.com

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